IAM Issue 43


Barack Obama’s powerful IP lesson for Europe

On 12th July, US President Barack
Obama wrote to Nancy Pelosi,
Speaker of the House of
Representatives, requesting that
she spearhead efforts to ensure
additional funding for the US
Patent and Trademark Office

When hypocrisy is the least of it

A December 2009 deal that
Micron Technology did with an
NPE exposes issues that go to
the very heart of corporate IP


Dateline Munich

A world class speaking faculty of IP thought leaders
debated with delegates from around the word at the
third IP Business Congress, held this year in Munich.
Creating value from IP and other intangible assets was
the theme of the event, and what is abundantly clear is
just how many possibilities there now are to do this for
those willing to think creatively about what they own.

The case for copyright

Strategic thinking on the creation of
IP value tends to focus on patents.
However, those who open their eyes
will find enormous potential, as well
as major challenges, in what
copyright has to offer.

Bilski and the case for IP audits

The Supreme Court’s recent
decision in the Bilski case should
encourage US patent owners to
undertake a systematic audit of their
portfolios. Failure to do so could end
up being an expensive mistake.

Tapping into CIPO expertise

The CIPO Manifesto Working Group
held its second meeting at the IP
Business Congress in Munich. Its
focus was on identifying best
practices in IP value creation.

BP needs authentic IP

Although BP was aware of the
importance of its corporate
reputation, the company's internal
processes have not helped it to
weather the political and regulatory
storm unleashed by the Deepwater
Horizon disaster.

The intangibles decade: looking forward to 2020

We are entering the intangibles
decade. At a meeting held earlier
this year, experts from a range
of disciplines predicted what this
will mean.

Understanding the market for advanced IP management systems

The purchase of IP management
system software is a significant
investment. So how do you decide
exactly what you need and who is
best placed to meet your

The licensing take-off at EADS

Four years ago, Europe’s top
aerospace company decided it
should be making a lot more of its
IP portfolio. Now it is beginning to
roll out a sophisticated licensing
programme. In this article, some of
those involved in developing it
explain how it was done.

Hooking the corporation on the value of intellectual assets

It's a three-step process to
persuade a company that it can
prosper and grow through investing
in intellectual asset management.

Navigating the software and business method maze

Recent decisions in the US and
Europe concerning the patentability
of software and business methods
may have provided greater clarity,
but they have not brought further
harmony. This has significant
implications for portfolio
management strategies.

The CIPO toolkit

Intellectual property is an asset that
can create real value for the
businesses that own it. But
convincing a board of directors that
this is so is not always easy. Chief
IP officers from a variety of
companies explain how they did it.


Measures of success, Part II

Understanding patents starts with a
business’s ability to identify needs,
establish expectations and measure
performance. It’s easier said than done,
say three experts.

Intent or no intent – that is the question

The recent ruling in the Solo Cup case
provides some insight into what US
patent owners can do to protect
themselves from false marking claims.


Inside China

A special roundtable on recent
developments affecting IP owners
in China

Industry insight

The evolution of business method patenting

Bernard L Bilski is certain to be a name
that will long be remembered in patent

Industry Focus: Health Care

This issue features key patent metrics for companies in the Health Care sector.