IAM Issue 41

The intangible asset rollercoaster

Like those of all other intangibles,
brand values are climbing once
again. This comes at a significant
time as it coincides with a major
breakthrough in the brand
valuation process

David Haigh

Industry Focus: Consumer Electronics

The issue's featured industry data includes key patent metrics for companies in the Consumer Electronics Industry.

The world’s leading life science patent litigation law firms

Patents are crucial to virtually all
companies that operate in the life
sciences industries. This makes
patent litigation a fact of business
life. Detailed and exclusive IAM
research has uncovered which law
firms the life science powerhouses
go to when disputes arise.


The inductees into the IP Hall of Fame for 2010 are announced

Established in 2006, the IP Hall
of Fame honours individuals
who have made a major
contribution to the
development of IP in the fields
of law, practice, policy, finance,
business and academia.
Inductees are chosen by a
40-strong IP Hall of Fame
Academy from a list of
nominations submitted by the
global IP community.

A new EPO president emerges from the fog

Benoît Battistelli will be the
next president of the European
Patent Office. But the way in
which he was chosen lacked
transparency and may make
what is bound to be a tough
job even harder.

There is more IP litigation in China than anywhere else on earth

The IAM blog (www.iamblog.
com) is updated four
or five times a week and
currently has a regular
readership of around 9,000
unique users, who visit the site
an average of three times a
month. In this series, some of
the blog’s most popular posts
are reproduced in the Insight
section of IAM magazine,
along with the responses that
they generated.


Inside the Chinese IP business market

Chinese companies are keen
acquirers of intellectual property.
For foreign businesses that know
what they are doing, this presents
significant opportunities.

NPEs in Europe – works in progress

They may not get as much attention
as their US counterparts, but
European NPEs are out there and
doing business both in Europe and

Foggy supply chain claims another victim

Toyota has paid a heavy
reputational price for recent failures
in its supply line management
process. It will not be the last
to suffer in this way.

Intangible assets in capital markets

As intangibles emerge as an asset
class, financial firms are developing
a variety of mechanisms to utilise
them in the capital markets.

Embracing the new IP reality

Two innovative defensive IP models,
pioneered by AST and RPX, are
attracting growing numbers of
operating companies as they
intensify their efforts to fend off
litigation from non-practising entities.


The US Supreme Court delivers judgment in key copyright case

A recent Supreme Court case in the
US promoted class action settlements
of copyright infringements by resolving
that courts have jurisdiction over
unregistered works of authorship

Great expectations

Managing expectations is an important
element in establishing patent
performance. Who are IP stakeholders
and why do businesses need to care
about what they think?

Return to normalcy: retreat or redefine

Retreating to the past or redefining the
future in the face of growing international
patent competition is the choice now
facing the US and other countries

Industry insight

Using Community Trademarks to make your mark

Two influential trademark experts,
Wubbo de Boer, president of the Office
for Harmonization in the Internal Market
(OHIM), and Tom Heremans, attorney at
law and vice president of the Benelux
Trade Mark Association, talk about the
Community Trademark and Registered
Community Design.