IAM Issue 40

March/April 2010

Counting on quality

Private practice attorneys provide significant value-added to their clients by helping them to secure quality patents. An exclusive IAM/Ocean Tomo collaboration reveals which US law firms are doing just that.

Industry insight

EPC changes on the horizon

Understanding and adjusting to the new rules covering divisional applications is critical – as is the need to track the new deadlines, writes Andrew Schimmoeller, a legal researcher for Thomson IP Management Services at Thomson Reuters.


Ten reasons to consider a standalone IP business unit

An IP portfolio is a diamond in the rough. In the hands of the right craftsman, it can be polished to reveal its full value. The trick is finding these individuals and giving them the best chance of doing their job well.

Your 2010 performance review

Now is the time to be deciding which IAM strategies to select whose outcomes will track to your corporate objectives and timelines in 2010 and beyond.

IP litigation strategy and the art of war - the in-house perspective

There is more to winning a complex multi-jurisdictional IP litigation than just having a good case.

One step closer to European unity

After almost a decade of failed negotiations, 2009 saw EU member states commit to the creation of an EU patent and single patent court. A panel of leading IP professionals discuss their hopes and expectations for a unified European patent system.

The seven deadly sins of intellectual capital management

Bad habits in intellectual capital management can end up causing companies major problems. It is important to recognise the sins in order to put in place the solutions.

Why Zale must learn a quality lesson

US jewellery company Zale Corporation has overlooked its primary intangible asset. Sales and market capitalisation have fallen as a result. But all is not lost.

Brand and reputation in China following the financial crisis

China’s economy may be forced to change over the coming years as the export market becomes more challenging. This could present both foreign and domestic companies with new opportunities. To seize them, they must understand their brands.

IP in early-stage commercial and investment success

Detailed analysis shows that a high percentage of the most successful early-stage VC-backed businesses in the United States have a strong IP sense.


CIPO forumIn-the-box innovation: lessons from childhood

For all the talk of out-of-the-box innovation, perhaps there are also some lessons to be learned from inside the box.

Bilski: the life sciences angle

The Bilski case will be closely watched to see whether the Supreme Court will use it to address determination of patent eligibility well beyond business methods.

The intangible investorWhat goes around comes around

Half-baked press coverage of IP activities devalues patents and impedes innovation. Blame both reporters and patent holders for not knowing the facts.


Setting the intangible agenda for the next decade

For those interested in the financing of IP and other intangibles, the next decade looks to be full of promise.

The best of the blogThe UK stakes a claim to global IP thought leadership

The IAM blog is updated four or five times a week and currently has a regular readership of around 9,000 unique users, who visit the site an average of three times a month. In this series, some of the blog’s most popular posts are reproduced in the Insight section of IAM magazine, along with the responses that they generated.