IAM Issue 38

November/December 2009

It's time to replace the pyramid

Although there is no intention to defraud, the current global patent system is essentially one big pyramid scheme. There is now an opportunity to do something about it.

Industry insight

Promoting collaboration across the IP lifecycle

Driving collaboration across the intellectual property lifecycle maximises return on your IP investments, writes Adam Kenney of Thomson Reuters


The man from the ministry

The UK’s IP minister outlines his policy priorities and examines some of the issues facing patent owners in Europe and further afield

How senior management can execute strong patenting

Executing more effective patenting requires senior managers to create a winning patenting culture, apply levers to prevent default patenting and enable people to meet the additional requirements

Use it or lose it

If patent owners want to generate maximum returns from the monetisation of their rights, they need to look beyond well-worn money-making strategies

Integral IAM and new product processes are the future

It is only a matter of time before the integration of IP and product development becomes part of the mainstream business process. Companies have to decide whether they want to be leaders or laggards as this happens

Changes at the top

There has never been a better opportunity for IP executives to claim their rightful place as leaders of corporate growth and value creation

How emotions will drive the consumer recovery

Consumers are ready to start spending again. Companies that can learn the lessons taught by the masters of intangible asset management will be the first to benefit

Europe’s pharmaceutical sector inquiry: politics v facts

Dawn raids marked the start of a European Commission inquiry that focused on the pharmaceutical sector’s use of patents. However, the final report from the inquiry team did not herald the crackdown many had feared


IP investorPenny wise, patent foolish

Businesses adept at generating inventions from R&D frequently fail to recognise outside patent opportunities. Who or what is to blame?

IP lawyerCryptic questions on software patenting in Europe

EPO President Alison Brimelow was seeking clarity when she asked the office’s Enlarged Board of Appeal to consider the patentability of computer programs in Europe. Unfortunately, she may not get what she is after

CIPO forumSwing dance: IP valuations on the rise

IP valuations have sunk to record lows, but we’re now poised to see things swing in a new direction


A war by any other name

NPEs – or patent trolls – are far from the evil they are often said to be. But that will not stop some operating companies from waging war on them, as well as the law firms and funds with which they work

Letter to the editor

Speaking up for IP: greater coordination and greater focus on societal benefits needed