IAM Issue 35

May/June 2009

Global brand values weather financial storm

The BrandFinance Global 500® is an annual survey of the world’s most valuable brands. During 2008, the combined value of the top 50 dipped markedly and a new name took pole position

David Haigh

Industry insight

Innovate your way out

Driving innovation in tough economic times is of fundamental importance, writes Adam Kenney, the product manager for Thomson IP Management Services


Minimising loss of vital intellectual assets when downsizing

It is an unfortunate fact that the downturn will mean many companies have to lay off staff. In order to ensure that this does not lead to the loss of important intellectual assets, the process has to be handled carefully

Ten common myths about intangibles value and valuation

There are a number of common assumptions that people make about valuing intangibles. Many of these are just plain wrong

The weakest link in corporate IAM

In many areas intellectual asset management processes inside the business community are working well. However, when it comes to IP there are still a number of important lessons to learn

How patent vulnerability impacts on valuation

Valuing patents isn’t rocket science. It is much more difficult. Or to paraphrase Winston Churchill: valuing patents is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

The role of IP in promoting economic growth through innovation

It has never been more important to foster the creation and exploitation of intellectual property rights. They will play a vital role in helping the world through the current downturn

For what it’s worth

Before deciding to use secondary patents to extend the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical patent, it is important to work out whether doing so is actually worthwhile. This is where valuation comes into its own

Inside the fight over US patent reform

While many may argue that it never really went away, the patent reform debate is now firmly back on the agenda in the US following the reintroduction to Congress of legislative proposals for change

From outside agent to long-term IP partner

There are many benefits available for IP holders that are willing to forge closer relationships with the IP firms that advise them on legal matters


The intellectual capitalistICM education supply and demand

The world may need more intellectual capital management expertise, but universities will need a stronger kick up the backside from industry to make it happen

IP investorDon’t worry, be happy…

Why it makes sense to bet on IP now

IP lawyerThe future of patent litigation in the Eastern District of Texas

In a late 2008 decision, which did not cite existing patent law, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit may have changed patent litigation in 2009 and beyond

CIPO forumThe power and the paucity: ICM supply and demand

Innovation plays a vital role in economic recovery, but a shortfall of intellectual capital management expertise in industry threatens to dampen its impact

Management report

The hows and whys of software patent protection

Obtaining patent protection for software can be challenging since requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction – as historical and prevailing trends in the United States, Europe and China bear out

Computer-implemented inventions – the German view

The German Federal Court of Justice is essentially in line with the EPO Boards of Appeal in their rulings on the patentability of computerimplemented inventions. Both require that an invention have a technical character in order to be patentable

Patentable subject matter in the US: past, present and future

The landmark Bilski decision has left commentators divided as to the fate of business method and software patents in the United States: some believe they will be harder to obtain and enforce, while others view the ruling as confirmation of their viability

Business method and software patent trends in India

Stakeholders agree that stronger protection is needed for software inventions in India, but the form that protection should take – and the patentability of such inventions themselves – are more contentious issues


The battle for patent reform in the US is underway on two fronts

The Patent Reform Act 2009 is now being discussed in Congress and could lead to significant changes to the American patent regime. New personnel at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit may well have the same effect


Brand best practices

A special roundtable discussion focusing on the brand creation and management process