IAM Issue 32

The patent system on trial and under attack

A recently published book identifies major weaknesses in the US patent system that, its authors say, need to be addressed if the country is going to remain a leading innovation light. But have the authors of Patent
Failure got it right?


Inside the IP markets of North Asia

The IP marketplace in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China is sophisticated and developing rapidly. To make the most of it, local knowledge is absolutely essential.

A new tool for a new kind of patent adversary

PatentFreedom is an online database and information exchange
designed to help companies that are developing strategies to deal with the challenges posed by nonpractising entities.

Opportunity missed

Microsoft’s failed bid for Yahoo! is now all about what could have been. Nowhere is this more so than with regard to intellectual property.

Breaking through the glass ceiling

Women have long been underrepresented at the top of the patent world. Leading women in the business share their experiences and hopes for the future.

Taking on the trolls

Patent trolls have capitalised on
significant inefficiencies in the IP
market. It is only by understanding
this and then taking action that
industry players can neutralise the
threat they pose

Working with patent agencies – a rights owner’s perspective

Finding the right outside patent agencies with which to work and then developing a good relationship with them is a vital job for in-house patent managers.

Intangible assets and shareholder value

It is becoming increasingly clear that markets punish companies with poor intangible asset management strategies. Recent events have only served to emphasise this.

Management report

Keywords, metatags and hyperlinks – the legal position in Europe

European courts often have
conflicting views on how to deal
with the legal challenges posed by
keywords, metatags and hyperlinks

Key online copyright Key online copyright

The rapid evolution of the internet
exemplified by the Web 2.0
phenomenon brings new challenges,
in particular for rights owners
struggling to police the vastness of
the web and cope with the
exponential replication of content

Trademarks on the internet – the US perspective

Uncertainty is the name of the game
for trademark owners in the US
seeking to understand how internet affects their rights

Collective licensing of online music in Europe

The European Commission has
been at the forefront of recent rapid
changes to online music licensing
in Europe


Putting brands back in their place

The events of recent months have shown that there is no such thing as independent intangible value. Instead, it
always depends on context.

Australian report is a warning

The Australian government is considering an overhaul of
patent law following the release of a report that identifies the ease of getting protection as a barrier to innovation.

Industry insight

Defining your IP vision

The Balanced Scorecard technique can help IP managers align with the broader business function, writes Alexander Butler of Thomson Reuters.


Forging a new discipline and profession

To construct the knowledge economy, you need people with the tools to do it. A lack of interdisciplinary focus in
academia and in industry means that they are few and far between.

Over to you

All IP-related questions are fair game as a new columnist joins the roster of IAM regulars.

A new era of reform in China

A new patent law is expected to come into force in China in 2009. The drafting process for the legislation has been
commendably transparent.

The CEO challenge

As new patterns of IP exploitation emerge, the onus is on investors and corporate decision makers to make sure they do not miss the opportunities.