IAM 28

IAM 28

IAM 28

The Philips formula

Intellectual property has always been important to Philips, the Dutch
electronics multinational. But under the inspirational leadership of Ruud Peters,
the company’s IP & Standards business group has scaled new heights



The ins and outs of licensing

Are we ready for a world where allbusiness relationships begin to looklike licensing transactions?

The journey is the reward

The International Organisation forStandardisation is seeking views onthe establishment of a standard forvaluing patents. The move shouldbe welcomed

EPC 2000 in practice

On 13th December 2007 theEuropean Patent Convention 2000came into force in all contractingstates, extensively changing theoriginal convention

Intelligent re-design

With some predicting recession for2008, it is time to speak out aboutthe value that IP can bring

Restless natives

There are more ways to makemoney from IP rights than everbefore. The key is knowing whichone works for you


Shareholders none the wiser as SFAS 141 has a minimal impact

The major accounting initiative designed to improve the reporting ofintangible value in the US was supposed to bring greater clarity. But a newstudy shows that SFAS 141, like IFRS 3, has failed to live up to the hype

Meet the middlemen

Over recent years a number of new business models for making money outof IP have emerged and along with them have come the IP intermediaries.They may not be universally loved, but they show no signs of going away.In fact, we can expect to see many more evolve

Inside the antitrust maze

There is more competition and antitrust scrutiny of IP owners than ever before. And it is only going to get more intense

Shooting the patent divestiture rapids

Building a successful and sustainable patent divestiture programmerequires embracing the key decision points through which a corporateorganisation must work

The case for a balanced approach to patent exhaustion

Over the last few years, the US Supreme Court has heard a number ofmajor patent cases. As 2008 gets underway it is due to decide another thatcould have a significant impact on the issue of exhaustion

Rising prices and changing strategies

The patent brokerage business has experienced a lift-off over the last five years, driven mainly by the activities of Intellectual Ventures. But although many more deals are now being done, its future still lies largely in the hands of this bold and mysterious operation

Patent value 2007: settling in, settling down

It is hard to identify many clear winners and losers in the US patentlitigation stakes 2007; although Vonage will be pleased that the yearis over and it is still in business

A new kind of online marketplace for IP

A group of IP stakeholders has got together to form Open-IP Consortium,a standards-based, online patent exchange

Industry insight

Keeping up with changing times

Elizabeth Bevier, of ThomsonScientific IP Management Services,looks at portfolio managementrequirements in the wake of USPTOrule changes


CIPOs must be at the centre of the business if they are to thrive

Sir: In previous issues of IAMyou have discussed what makesa good chief intellectual propertyofficer ( IAM 25, pages 31 to 36;IAM 26, pages 8 to 10). Wehave found that the mostsuccessful heads of IP oftenorganise themselves in adifferent way from others.

Reality bites as EPO fees go up and Council approves major review

An exclusive interviewwith IAMreveals that thenew president of the EPOis determined to tacklethe problems the officefaces both internally andexternally. It will be atough task

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