IAM Issue 25

The CIPO manifesto

The time has come for all large corporations to appoint a chief intellectual
property officer. Without a senior executive with overall responsibility for all
aspects of the IP function, no company can hope to maximise the value of
the rights it owns


Australia even more patent-friendly after High Court decision

Owners or licensees of Australian
patents can be more bullish about
asserting them as they now have
less concerns over invalidation than
they would in many other countries

Follow the money?

The failures of the US healthcare
market are exacerbated by a lack of
proper scrutiny of how VCs and other
investors in the sector evaluate IP

Enforcing IP ethics

Those who are happy to continue
infringing IP rights once the
infringement becomes clear should
spend some time in jail. That would
concentrate minds a lot quicker than
mechanisms such as treble damages

The university’s ethical role as intellectual capitalist

In the developing knowledge
economy, the traditional divides that
separate universities from industry
are not sustainable

Performance anxiety

When it comes to understanding
what innovation rights such as
patents mean to public company
performance, CEOs are hiding in
plain sight


Intangible asset financial metrics

Indices based around rating the performance of quoted companies’
IP management and performance have been with us for a few years now.
Recent research shows the returns investors in one would have enjoyed
over a six month and one year period

Get ready for management commentary

It may not be worth putting intangibles on a balance sheet, but including
them in management commentaries is a completely different matter

The man with a plan

Over the last few years, IBM has been a pivotal player in the development
of the patent system and in exploring the financial possibilities it offers.
Now Big Blue’s top IP lawyer is at it again

Obviousness after KSR v Teleflex: a private practice perspective

While many may see KSRas helpful to patent infringers, a close reading
of the decision reveals that the opposite may, in fact, be the case

A different vision for patents in Europe

The European Patent Conference was launched by the FFII, a group best
known for taking a hard line against software patents. By bringing different
stakeholders together, the hope is that dialogue will replace confrontation
as a way to build an effective European patent system

Obviousness after KSR v Teleflex: a corporate perspective

Although there was something for everyone in the KSRdecision, the real
winners will ultimately turn out to be members of the patent bar

P&G goes inside out

When the CEO of Procter & Gamble decided that 50% of the company’s
products should be developed collaboratively, a new internal business
group was born. Seven years on, it is ensuring the boss is getting exactly
what he wants


Since first quarter 2006, most
pharma companies have increased
their patent portfolios. The
realignment is most closely tied to
differences in research intensity.


Brimelow faces challenges, but comes to office at a promising time

The new president of the
European Patent Office
will have her work cut out
as she tackles a number
of high-profile issues.
If Alison Brimelow plays
her cards right, however,
she could find allies at
the very top of Europe’s
political ladder

Industry insight

How to keep in shape and beat the competition

As companies strive for new
sources of value creation, with many
turning to their patent portfolios as
an asset base for exploitation,
CPA’s John Pryor looks at ways to
stay ahead of the competition

Management report


There is no doubting that these days
outsourcing is a multi-billion dollar
business. And it is not hard to see why,
as companies are in a position to save
substantial amounts of money when they
send out work to be done by third parties
at a fraction of the amount it would cost for
the same to be done in-house


The Asian perspective

Four experts from some of the leading firms in Asia and the Pacific Rim
discuss key IP issues facing their jurisdictions