IAM Issue 24

June/July 2007

Clearing the underbrush

Recent regulatory, legal and legislative developments in the US will lead to the maturation of the IP asset management market. This is very good news for rights owners, investors and lenders

Industry insight

A new TLD for Asia

The launch of the .asia top level domain is something that companies across the world will have to factor in to their internet strategies, writes Peter Whiley of CPA


Hunting down a trademark troll

Everyone has heard of patent trolls. Well, Leo Stoller may just be the US’s most notorious trademark troll. Google has decided to take him on

Money and mayhem

Brand extensions and celebrity endorsements can be the easiest route to a rapid increase in revenue. But as some companies have found out, they are not guarantees of success

Life and money beyond patents

Companies that produce software for internal purposes may find that they are sitting on a potentially lucrative new revenue stream

The intangible value of security in a volatile global economy

It is not just bad management that can harm the value of intangible assets; they can be deliberately targeted for both criminal and political reasons

Equal partners

SMEs are innovative and dynamic, but all too often they fail to establish equal partnerships with larger companies. If this is to change, both sides of the equation have to rethink the way they do business


Google – fighting a war on all fronts

The company that does no evil is facing a number of challenges from rights owners unhappy with its business models

IP bonds 2.0

The largest ever IP-backed securitisation, US$1.8 billion for Sears’ Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard brands, may be a harbinger of things to come for IP as an asset class and for financial markets flush with capital

A long way to Tipperary

The first live multi-lot IP auction for Europe was held in Munich in the middle of May. Although sales were disappointing, overall it was a promising start

Venturing further

Intellectual property may be the ideal investment to help venture capital do whatever it does a little bit better


EPO looks ahead to position Europe in a changing world

The European Patent Forum showed that the EPO was prepared to think ahead and set the agenda. But if words are to turn into concrete action, the office must continue to look beyond the patent community

Microsoft’s critics miss the point entirely

Brad Smith and Horacio Gutierrez would have known exactly what they were doing when they agreed to speak to Fortune magazine about Microsoft’s relationship with open source software


Inside the US’s perfect patent storm

Supreme Court decisions, reform initiatives in Congress and changes at the USPTO mean that the patent landscape is shifting dramatically in the US. Whether this is for better or for worse is a different issue. Four experts give their opinions