IAM Issue 23

April/May 2007

Digging deep for true brand value

There is nothing new in listings that purport to show the world’s most valuable brands. But in the eyes of many, what they have lacked up to now is real technical credibility. However, a recently released evaluation study is much more detailed and comprehensive than what has come before

Industry insight

How to win at IP outsourcing – the multi-shore approach

The procurement of products or services from a third-party for their expertise or to cut-costs has always played an important role in successful industries. Christian Bunke looks at how IP outsourcing is changing.


The ethics of intellectual asset management

The shift from the familiar corporate asset bases – centred upon traditional physical and financial assets – to one increasingly based upon intangible intellectual capital assets brings with it changing laws and subtle new ethical problems.

The rise and fall of the IP realm?

The IP community has a communication problem and if it does not recognise this, and then do something about it, the long-term effects could be disastrous.

The confusing task of measuring intangible value

The value of intangible assets is in the eye of the beholder. If you do not understand this fundamental truth then all your attempts to discover how much your intangibles are worth will be doomed to failure.

Unlocking European patent value

A new online forum could hold the key to creating a standardised market for patents in Europe. If it is successful, companies may be able to release and find significant untapped value.

A European perspective on global patent workload

Talk of poor quality patents and flooding has become commonplace over recent years, but a closer look at the facts suggests that things are not as bad as they first seem. While patent offices do face serious challenges, major changes to the current system are not the answer

Directors take heed

The Delaware Supreme Court has recently handed down a decision which could have a profound impact on the board members of many US companies. It indicates that failure to oversee intellectual assets may lead to personal liability.


Enforcement of essential patents in Europe

Italian patent licensing company Sisvel plays hardball when seeking to enforce rights relating to MP3 technology. The latest company to find this out is SanDisk. But are Sisvel’s actions anti-competitive?

Talking monkeys

What is it that makes otherwise intelligent people appear to be Neanderthals when it comes to IP?

Something borrowed, something new

After years of courtship, the marriage of intellectual property to financial investment should be celebrating more than a few anniversaries. But that is not yet the case Something borrowed, something new It takes two to make a marriage a success and only one to make it a failure

Tech transfer and financial markets

Technology transfer is one way of delivering innovative technology to a great many people. The issue is how it can best be encouraged.

Management report

IP finance and monetisation

Subscribers to IAM will be familiar with the fact that intangible assets are now more valuable to companies than they have ever been before.


Inside the Nordic market

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden punch way above their weight when it comes to intellectual property. Experts from each country explain the current lie of the IP land in Europe’s far north


It is time for AUTM members to confront the new reality

The university technology transfer sector in the US must stop living off old glories and confront the challenges of the present

The world should not count on Americans to pick up the pharma tab

Here’s an interesting snippet about the military junta that seized power in a bloodless coup in Thailand last September.