IAM 102

IAM 102

IAM 102

The brokered patent market in 2020

As a drop in corporate buying is matched by a rise in NPE activity, it is time to keep your friends close and your defensive aggregators closer



Supreme Court could signal time’s up for Google’s anti-competitive IP infringement

A long-running battle with Oracle once again shines the spotlight on a pattern of alleged major IP infringements by the search giant


As the US digests the election, why “it’s the PTAB stupid” for IP policy in the next Congress

How the Supreme Court can get it right for software innovation in Google v Oracle

More than 10 years have passed since Oracle sued Google for reimplementing Java’s application programming interface (API) packages.

When it comes to tackling gender inequality, it is not enough to celebrate how far we have come

Although progress has been made to increase diversity in the IP industry, it is far too soon to relax the pace of change


Life sciences IP dealmaking during the pandemic and beyond

Despite big market disruptions in the first half the year, a resurgence in IP-rich deals is helping to drive innovation in the pharma and biotech spaces

Chinese courts step into the SEP space

The first ever comprehensive statistical analysis of SEP litigation in China uncovers that while cases continue to rise few go the distance

Best in class

IAM takes a forensic look at the best of the best in patents to announce this year’s top 40 market makers

Are sanctions a double-edged sword? What the data reveals about the US-China war for chip supremacy

Why the United States is in danger of sabotaging its position as top dog for chip-making innovation

As the dust settles after Unwired Planet, what next?

SEP owners and implementers around the world continue to pick through the nuances of the UK Supreme Court’s landmark decision in an attempt to scope out the route ahead

Why royalty monetisation transactions are big news for life sciences innovators

Selling the rights to long-term drug income streams could be a canny way for smaller biotechs, universities and research-based charities to get hold of ready cash

A blissful summer for SEP owners

The licensing community had much to enjoy over the summer months, from key court decisions in the United States and Europe to positive policy developments

Adding data to your IP monetisation playbook: how to make sure your company is ready

While businesses continue to derive worth by accumulating large volumes of data, valuing and monetising this new treasure trove is raising fresh challenges

Get (IP) smart for corporate survival and growth

Making intellectual property part of a company’s early strategy could prove key for corporate leaders looking to maximise return on their intangible assets

Optimising operational outcomes for peak patent performance

In-house IP teams looking to win substantial buy-in from senior management need a smart portfolio management strategy and the skills to communicate it

Connecting the dots: two key standards at the heart of the Internet of Things

We take a deep dive into two low-power wide-area network standards that could be crucial to IoT implementors across a range of vertical


Roundtable: Essential reading

SEPs were never far from the headlines in Summer 2020. Experts discuss some of the most

Patents in Asia 2020: Introduction

Businesses keen to deepen their knowledge of filing in Asia need look no further than this annual report, co-published by IAM and leading IP firms in the region

Patents in Asia 2020: Australia

Patents in Asia 2020: Thailand

Patents in Asia 2020: Taiwan

Patents in Asia 2020: Singapore

Patents in Asia 2020-2021: China

Data centre

The Sonos v Google spat will be a tough test for the audio pioneer’s patents

As the Sonos v Google litigation intensifies, the audio pioneer’s patent portfolio faces its toughest test yet

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