IAM 100

IAM 100

IAM 100

Behind the veil: patent validity in China

IAM crunches four decades of CNIPA invalidity decisions to offer a unique overview of the Chinese landscape



From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM

IP Market news highlights

IAM’s biggest spring reads


Patent deal making cannot escape the effects of worsening Sino-US relations

Why intellectual property is being caught in the crossfire

It’s a downturn Jim, but not as we know it

Changes to the global patent system mean that intangible assets may no longer be counter-cyclical

IP value creation in a covid-19 world

There may be opportunities to create value in a covid-19 world, if you know where to look


How a different approach to patenting can help to close the gap

Uber’s invention harvesting process enables company leaders to maximise patent value without being hit by spiralling costs

Unpacking the royalty stack

Automated landscaping tools give device makers a much clearer idea of liabilities

Beyond portfolio optimisation: understanding the connection between patent cost and value

Strategic patent intelligence models could prove crucial when communicating the importance of filings amid growing budgetary pressure

Investigating NAND functionality in support of intellectual property

In-depth technical analysis provides fresh guidance for evidence of use in the memory tech space

1,000 US patent club 2020

IAM and ktMINE reunite to rank every company with at least 1,000 US grants

AI has finally arrived, and change is coming to life sciences

IP professionals will need to adapt to AI inventions and new types of partnership

Why India needs an inventor remuneration law

Prime minister Modi calls for innovators to have a proper stake in commercialisation and licensing

100 not out

We invite past cover stars to reflect on their 15 minutes of fame and the evolution of the market for IAM’s centennial issue

IAM benchmarking survey 2020

Our annual snapshot of the industry keeps the EPO at the top of the big five but suggests that the shine may have come off Andrei Iancu’s reign

Out of the blocks – mitigating patent risk over distributed ledgers

With rapidly developing technology likely to disrupt a range of sectors, getting a headstart now could put companies ahead of the pack

Is 3D printing a threat to the value of IP portfolios?

Advances in manufacturing leave outdated protection strategies exposed


A new day at the PTAB?

Data centre

Patent deep dive shows that IBM and Microsoft have the upper hand in cloud computing

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