Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2021

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I am delighted to welcome you to the inaugural IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders guide.

Since its inception the IAM Strategy 300 has featured leading figures in the IP world drawn from in-house, private practice, service providers and beyond. A slot in the 300 has quickly become a badge of honour for those who make the cut.

And so – with that in mind – this year we decided to throw more light on these leading strategists and invited them to give us some insight into how their careers have developed, their thoughts on key trends in the market and their top tips for other IP practitioners looking to progress.

Like our Global Leaders guide, which features some of the top-tier private practice lawyers from the IAM Patent 1000, these interviews offer a fascinating window into some of the leading strategic thinkers in the market.

The IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders guide draws from the worlds of private practice, consulting and other service providers, with specialists from the major IP markets in North America, Europe and Asia. Together they boast a wide range of expertise in IP-intensive sectors such as high-tech and life sciences.

Given the myriad strategic challenges that patent owners face throughout the world, I am sure that you will agree that this guide will quickly become a valuable resource for stakeholders across the IP community.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Richard Lloyd
IAM, Editor


Strategy 300 Global Leaders – all individuals

Pravin Anand

Anand and Anand
"First, the most important tip is to be sincere with your clients, which means being straightforward and honest. If you cannot obtain a particular order, do not create false expectations."

Safir Anand

Anand and Anand
"A good strategy must evolve with the times. It must anticipate not only growth but future growth and be positioned for this. It must assess risks of obsolescence or theft including within the set up."

Christian Arkelius

Ström & Gulliksson AB
"The single most important component of an excellent IP strategy is to align the IP strategy, management and decision making with the general corporate strategy."

Christopher Beckman

ScoreIP Inc
"I will come right out and say it – I am pro-patent and pro-IP rights in general. I believe that patent rights, although certainly not perfect, provide vital protection for the risky businesses of new, cash-strapped innovators."

Richard Buttrick

"People generally have an idea, a notion, of what it is to invent, create and develop something, while concepts like ‘fair’ and ‘reasonable’ are widely understood."

Héctor Elías Chagoya

Becerril Coca & Becerril SC
"Industry and professional organisations give cohesion to all ecosystems as platforms for developing meaningful relationships, trust and knowledge."

Ilan Cohn

Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co
"Intellectual property is a key currency in the modern economy and IP-related advice and services can have a direct effect on business outcome. Thus, IP practitioners require business acumen and must be fully immersed in their clients' business."

Michael Dansky

Intellectual Property Strategies
"I believe that my corporate experience in cutting-edge technical areas, where I had business management and broad transaction responsibility, has differentiated me with regard to other experts in the industry."

Giustino de Sanctis

"In this technology-driven world evolving around us, a key thread connecting my involvement has been the curiosity to learn about new ideas and the irresistible attraction to exploring innovative solutions."

Greg Gardella

Gardella Grace PA
"When challenging a patent, it is usually the advocate’s job to simplify the technology and provide a short and straightforward explanation of why the supposed technological improvement is obvious."

JiNan Glasgow George

Neo IP
"We bring every reasonable resource, the best data and a commitment to service to each client."

Heinz Goddar

Boehmert & Boehmert
"More and more patents have become a currency for crosslicensing in areas dominated by portfolio deals, such as telecommunications and the semi-conductor industry."

Amit Goel

Effectual Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd
"To build trust, it is important to work with clients’ genuine interests in mind."

Andrew Gordon

"The current Big Tech efficient infringement utopia should not be allowed to stand, in my opinion."

Anna Gregson

Mathys & Squire
"Commercial focus, forward-thinking and adaptability are essential characteristics of a global IP strategy."

Norishige Hayakawa

Hagaminomori Design
"It is extremely difficult to create an innovative business by anticipating the future from a unique perspective, especially in Japanese culture, which requires consensus from all participants; however, I would advise you that it is worth trying."

Justin Hill

"We move mountains to ensure that client strategies are fully transparent and that our clients are fully abreast of the twists, turns and costs that we expect on the road to success."

Larry Horn

"MPEG LA spares no effort in educating the marketplace. Licences including all supporting information are available on the same terms to everyone large and small."

Efrat Kasznik

Foresight Valuation Group LLC
"We have developed a specialty in valuing IP portfolios for funding, which requires a unique combination of understanding the start-up business model and funding ecosystem, as well as understanding how IP assets contribute to overall corporate value."

Jae Hoon Kim

Lee & Ko
"The key to my success has been in managing the firm’s professionals so that they collaborate as one body and are able to clearly grasp the legal and technical issues of a particular case and explain them in a way that can be easily understood."

Robert Klinski

PATENTSHIP Patentanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
"Fortunately, a technical solution to a technical problem that is associated with a market need forms a technical invention that may satisfy the patentability requirements of patent offices as well."

Sherry M Knowles

Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies, LLC
"We must support an environment that motivates new innovation in healthcare to extend and save lives."

Makoto Kobayashi

Cyclo Hygieia, Inc
"It is important to evaluate the rights created as a result of IP activities and the IP strategies that support these, but I think that the concept of success is closely related to the evaluation of past performance."

Dani Kramer

Mathys & Squire
"There are very few areas in which 5G or AI on the edge will not be applicable."

Jason Loh

Piece Future
"I founded Piece Future with a mission to drive the growth of companies through the power of intellectual property."

Martin MacLean

Mathys & Squire
"I strongly believe that being caring and making time in my day for clients and contacts, especially when problems arise that need careful attention, is fundamental to building and sustaining relationships."

Leonor Magalhães Galvão

Magellan IP
"To remain competitive, Brazilian companies will not only have to invest in good human capital but also have to continue to invest in their IP portfolios."

Essenese Obhan

Obhan & Associates
"I strongly believe that a flatter and non-political work environment is the best way to drive synergies."

Erik Oliver

Richardson Oliver Insights
"Curiosity is key. Having an interest in better exploring the world and the data goes a long way."

Elisabeth Opie

Office of Elisabeth Opie
"For my clients, my focus is to assist with achieving a return on investment as part of an innovation cycle or ecosystem – our client’s success means our success."

Daren Orzechowski

White & Case LLP
"To stay current, you need to be curious, read a lot, meet with technologists and be willing to invest the time to learn how technologies work."

Joshua Pichinson

agencyIP, LLC
"My main attribute is being deeply inquisitive. Being able to expand on the information provided by clients and share insights or information that was previously unavailable to them has proved to be a great way to uncover hidden gems."

Natalie Raffoul

Brion Raffoul LLP
"My advice for other leaders is to never forget that your people are your most important asset."

Kent Richardson

Richardson Oliver Insights
"Success is defined by not only the patent team, but by cross-functional teams across the business."

Erick Robinson

Porter Hedges LLP
"As an experienced US patent litigator who has not just lived in China but practised for a top Chinese IP law firm, I have unique insight and excellent contacts."

Paul Skiermont

Skiermont Derby LLP
"Clients want constant communication, excellent work product delivered in a timely manner and fair fees. Any law firm that delivers on those three core missions should thrive."

Calum Smyth

Wiggin LLP
"A good firm will understand industry perspectives, horizon scan and issue spot for its clients, and will proactively think of ways to reduce cost and add value."

Patrick Snow

Inception Partners
"The first driver for change is the need for higher quality assets; this is evident from patent owners wanting to target their highest value patents for monetisation purposes or patent investors acquiring assets of the highest strategic importance."

Benny Spiewak

SP Law
"Prosecution will become more and more AI-influenced. Therefore, drafting-related billing hours will suffer."

Steven Steger

Steger IP, LLC
"Each company has different business goals, risk profiles and resources to invest in the monetisation process and understanding this is key to developing the correct strategy."

Bijal Vakil

White & Case LLP
"I believe that greater clarity on FRAND licensing issues would help both patentees and licensees, giving them more insight and increased levels of predictability for SEP portfolios."

Anita Varma

White & Case LLP
"In short, it is important to have a defined strategy, to communicate that strategy effectively and to be flexible enough to adapt and to change as circumstances demand."

Joel Wacek

Hoffman Alvary & Company LLC
"Clients are demanding analyses that are supported by expertise and a proven, successful process honed by years of experience."

Neeti Wilson

Anand and Anand
"Innovation is key to protecting the current deterioration of our environment. A human commitment to this, combined with adopting green technologies in every area of life, is essential to overcome the environmental crisis looming over future generations."

Tobias Wuttke

Meissner Bolte Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
"Effective leadership means sharing know-how. This is not a one-way street but rather a process whereby every individual on the team feels motivated to contribute their know-how to the group."

Einav Zilber

Zilber IP Law. Patents. Management
"The Israeli innovation ecosystem is highly technological and multinational; therefore, Israeli practitioners are experienced in IP protection in multiple jurisdictions and adept at working globally."

Kevin Zilka

"With more and more hurdles being erected before patent holders, it is more important than ever for patent owners to employ each and every strategic advantage to achieve success, including strategic continuation practice."