IAM Global Leaders 2022

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Welcome to IAM Global Leaders, our annual opportunity to showcase conversations with some of the world’s top private practice experts in the field of patents. This year we sat down with 43 professionals to ask them about their distinguished careers, as well as some of the most pressing patent issues of the day.

To qualify for inclusion in the IAM Global Leaders, individuals must be ranked in the gold tier of the IAM Patent 1000, the market-leading annual directory that identifies the top law and attorney firms and individuals in the world’s most significant patent jurisdictions.

This in itself is no small feat. Our full-time research team goes through an exhaustive process to compile the IAM Patent 1000, gathering hundreds of written submissions from firms detailing their recent activities, conducting hundreds of faceto- face and telephone interviews, and corresponding, over a four-month period, with patent lawyers, attorneys and their clients. The resulting detailed data forms the basis of the rankings published in the directory.

From that esteemed group, we select candidates for the IAM Global Leaders who merit special attention – not only because of their expertise and experience related to creating, protecting, managing, transacting and enforcing critical patent rights, but also for their ability to innovate, inspire and go above and beyond to deliver value for their clients.

We would like to thank all of those who chose to participate for sharing their insights with the broader patent community, which we know will be enriched by these contributions.


IAM Global Leaders 2022

Kenneth R Adamo

Law Office of KR Adamo
"I have always been very hands-on and never got into the habit of asking anyone to do anything that I would not do myself."

Chris Bakewell

Duff & Phelps LLC, a Kroll business
"I followed my lifelong interests and passions, which are in the areas of finance and technology, and found a way to combine the two."

Gunnar Baumgärtel

Maikowski & Ninnemann Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
"The client must be able to recognise that the instructions based on such legal advice can actually be implemented in a target-oriented, promising manner."

Timothy Bianchi

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, PA
"Our firm pioneered the development of substantial software tools, which make constant re-assessment of the core practice challenges easier."

Edward Black

Ropes & Gray LLP
"Correct understanding of the business model is the critical feature of correct valuation and appraisal."

Arwed Burrichter

"I have had the privilege to clerk with some of Germany’s most renowned patent judges and I have gained tremendous knowledge and insight from this."

Dominick A Conde

Venable LLP
"I really believe that to be successful you need to love what you do. Figure out what that is and pursue it to the fullest."

​​​​​​Nele D’Halleweyn

Arnold & Siedsma
"The role of patent attorney is a very versatile one. The combination of keeping up with technical innovations together with the legal and commercial implications of inventions ensures that the job remains fascinating and that you have to keep abreast of new technology."

Jürgen Feldmeier

Prüfer & Partner mbB
"Client demands have increased. Patrons are now much more focused on the content of their patents."

Greg Gardella

Gardella Grace PA
"I believe that properly incentivising innovation is key to the US economy and there appears to be a growing consensus in this regard."

Claudio Germinario

Società Italiana Brevetti
"I always strongly recommend coordinating the patent strategies developed by different attorney teams in other jurisdictions to avoid any possible contradictions."

Heinz Goddar

BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT Anwaltspartnerschaft mbB
"Openness, transparency and maintaining full trust with clients is feasible even under difficult circumstances."

Markus Herzog

Weickmann & Weickmann Patent und Rechtsanwälte PartmbB
"When looking for a solution, it has always been important to me to first take a step back and assess my situation as objectively as possible (ie, without personal feelings and animosities) before I act."

David Huang

LexField Law Offices
"Intellectual property as the intersection of laws and technology has provided me with a fascinating career, allowing me to watch closely how technical innovations interact with the legal system to help shape the development of individuals, businesses, the larger economy and society."

Jiancheng Jiang

Peksung Intellectual Property Ltd
"Firm leadership takes not only managerial skills but also persistence and endurance"

Robert S Katz

Banner Witcoff
"Like many things in our business, it is important to stay nimble so as to adapt to changing circumstances and covid-19 was a major reminder of this."

Ilya Kazi

"Fundamentally, you need to understand the client’s business and think like a business owner – this applies both to prosecution and litigation."

Sherry M Knowles

Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies, LLC
"I have great respect for biopharma innovators because they are dedicated to improving human health and saving lives."

Kim Livgard

Onsagers AS
"I put myself in my clients’ shoes and envision the services that I would want to receive. This exercise quickly teaches me that it is of the highest importance that I truly understand my clients’ business."

Ira S Matsil

Slater Matsil, LLP
"I still believe that focusing on quality paid dividends. When it is time to grow, you need to hire the best people only."

Masaki Morishima

Saegusa & Partners
"Thanks to the new challenges posed by these service providers, we realised that focusing on our strengths – namely, doing what they cannot replicate, while improving our productivity – is what will truly benefit our clients."

William A Munck

Munck Wilson Mandala LLP
"Given our success in patent and trade secret litigation, we have learned that using analogies and terms that are relatable to everyday business or general life works well."

Joel Nägerl

Zimmermann & Partner Patentanwälte mbB
"While I believe that German patent litigation has developed consistently over the past two decades, I expect further significant changes in the future."

Essenese Obhan

Obhan & Associates
"I believe that being flexible is more important now than ever. All previous models of how law firms operate are now being openly questioned and revised."

Johan Örtenblad

Noréns Patentbyrå AB
"I get to be a part of each client’s journey, building value at the forefront of technical developments. This whole experience is very meaningful to me, both when dealing with start-ups and established businesses."

Elisabetta Papa

Società Italiana Brevetti
"One of my biggest challenges (that is what I call a professional ‘obstacle’) has been, over the years, making Italian companies and SMEs aware of the strategic importance of intellectual property and inviting them to consider the related tools available as opportunities for growth and access to global markets."

Natalie Raffoul

Brion Raffoul LLP
"We continue to talk about women in tech but the number of women, particularly in management, remains low. The time for quotas has come because, even after 25 years since I started out in electrical engineering, not much has changed."

Saikrishna Rajagopal

Saikrishna & Associates
"I have always thought that if the focus of leadership is not to create more leaders, we are failing ourselves and the firm."

Kari Simonsen

Onsagers AS
"There is a growing focus on climate change. An increasing willingness for change and investment in green technology will be followed by more enhanced R&D activity in this area and the subsequent need for protection for new technological solutions."

Steve Slater

Slater Matsil, LLP
"Good patents are obviously key to a monetisation strategy, both in terms of claim scope and validity."

Katja Sørensen

Plougmann Vingtoft
"In my practice, freedom-to-operate analyses, monitoring competitor rights and hence guiding companies in how to navigate through competitors’ patent rights have become everyday work."

Michael Friis Sørensen

Plougmann Vingtoft
"I have experienced a change in client demands, specifically requiring more individualised services. Our clients’ knowledge of patent law has generally increased over the past two decades, and today more of our clients have an in house patent professional."

Anita Varma

White & Case
"The challenges that I have faced over the years are the same as those of many women in this profession."

Kim Wagner

Plougmann Vingtoft
"In my experience, it often makes sense to use analogies, in particular an analogy to something well known from our everyday life. By way of example, coagulation of proteins is very complex and difficult to explain in detail, but it helps to liken it to what happens when you boil an egg."

Christoph Walke

"An IP strategy is successful on a global scale if the same scope of protection can be achieved in countries where competitors and/or their customers or – in the case of SEPs – potential licensees and/or their customers are located and where patents are actually enforceable."

Philipe Walter

"The convergence of industries seems to me the biggest challenge. Traditional companies will begin to face new competitors, which have huge patent portfolios in exactly the fields in which such companies need to invest."

Peter-Michael Weisse

Wildanger Kehrwald Graf von Schwerin & Partner mbB
"I think that patent pools are a great idea and are a great help in solving SEP licensing issues."

Jeffrey S Whittle

Womble Bond Dickinson
"This is a really dynamic time in the energy and technology space. Companies are developing greener transition technologies and I think that oil and gas companies, in addition to mid-sized players, are playing significant roles in developing these new technological solutions."

Martin Wilming

Hepp Wenger Ryffel AG
"I firmly believe that supporting, encouraging and entrusting people to reach their full potential and uphold the firm’s values is key."

Andrzej Witek

WTS Patent Attorneys – Witek, Śnieżko & Partners
"The present times, deeply affected by the pandemic, have certainly influenced technological progress in the field of rapid medical diagnostics."

Rafał Witek

WTS Patent Attorneys – Witek, Śnieżko & Partners
"Nowadays, as we have a specialised patent court in Poland, the main challenge in effective enforcement is the still insufficient experience of judges dealing with patent cases."

Lili Wu

Han Kun Law Offices
"I like Han Kun’s slogan ‘legal mind, business sense’ and apply it in my daily work. IP strategy should serve business strategy."

Peter McBride

"So, in Scotland you will find the full range of services you would expect from any European patent attorney firm, with the same historic British quality and heritage that you would find elsewhere in the United Kingdom, but with our own unique identity and dynamism."