IAM Global Leaders 2020

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Welcome to IAM Global Leaders: Interviews with the Pinnacle of the Patent Law Profession, a groundbreaking new publication featuring interviews with many of the world’s foremost private practice patent experts. 

To qualify for inclusion in IAM Global Leaders, individuals must be ranked in the gold tier of the IAM Patent 1000, the market-leading annual directory that identifies the top law and attorney firms and individuals in the world’s most important patent jurisdictions. 

To put the IAM Patent 1000 together, our full-time research team gathers hundreds of written submissions from firms detailing their recent activities, as well as conducting face-to-face and telephone interviews, and exchanging correspondence over a four-month period, with patent lawyers, attorneys and their clients. The detailed data collected forms the basis of the rankings published in the directory. 

All those listed as IAM Global Leaders merit special attention not only because of their expertise and experience relating 

to creating, protecting, managing, transacting and enforcing critical patent rights, but also for their ability to innovate, inspire and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients.

For this publication, IAM invited these elite professionals to reflect on their professional journey and offer insight and guidance into career development, practice management and market trends. We would like to thank all of those who chose to participate for helping us to produce a publication that we believe will be of immense interest – and help – to patent professionals across the globe.