China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2021

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China: Managing the IP Lifecycle is a repository of timely reference information for users of China’s trademark and patent systems.


Sino-US Economic and Trade Agreement: IP and the pharma industry

Linda Liu & Partners
The Economic and Trade Agreement between China and the United States was signed on 15 January 2020.

Patentability of AI innovations

Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd
Thanks to the rapid development of AI technology and continuous reflection on its commercial values, patent applications related to AI technology have become a hot topic.

Balancing disclosure practices in China and the United States

AFD China Intellectual Property Law Office
The patent system observes the concept of ‘disclosure in exchange for protection’.

Lost in translation: protecting Chinese-language marks

Panawell & Partners LLC
If a Chinese company goes to another country to sell products or provide services, it is advisable for it to use a trademark in the language of that country in addition to its own Chinese-language mark.

Trademark application process in mainland China

Vivien Chan & Co
As China becomes an important market for foreign brands, securing a trademark in China early will smooth the entry into the Chinese market.

Strategies to establish trademark fame in China

Aligned marketing and legal strategy to build, defend and strengthen brand reputation We live in a world surrounded by brands.

Comparative aspects of trademark dilution between the United States and China

Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent Ltd
A trademark anti-dilution system protects famous trademarks against blurring, tarnishment or degradation.

Recent developments in patent litigation

CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office
As one of the youngest patent systems in the world, China’s patent system and policies are developing rapidly and already have an increasingly strong influence globally.

The keys to success in patent litigation

Liu, Shen & Associates
China is becoming a preferred battlefield for patent infringement litigation worldwide.

Trademark protection on e-commerce platforms

Linda Liu & Partners
With the increasing protection of IP rights on e-commerce platforms, trademark registrants’ rights are respected and protected.