Iain Richardson - Vcodex Limited

Chief Executive Officer - Vcodex Limited

As an internationally renowned author and expert in video compression, Iain Richardson is highly sought after as a technical patent litigation expert and technical consultant. He has given expert testimony at the US Department of Justice and in San Diego, New York and Washington DC, as well as at the European Commission and the European Patent Office. He regularly advises some of the world’s leading technology companies.

Professor Richardson has made a significant research contribution to the field of image and video compression technology, which is essential for applications such as digital television, internet video streaming and video on mobile phones. His research addresses a growing challenge faced by industry, namely, how to support sophisticated video compression on an increasing range of devices and platforms. He is frequently invited to give specialist talks about his work to such institutions as the Smithsonian and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The author of four widely cited books on video coding and over 70 journal and conference papers, Professor Richardson is due to publish his fifth book in early 2018. This book will bring video coding up to date with clear explanations of the latest standards and technologies, discussed in his trademark approachable style. Topics will include the history of video coding, recent and emerging standards including HEVC/H.265 and discussions about the changing ways in which we use video technology, such as 360-degree video.

Professor Richardson is the founder and CEO of Vcodex Ltd, which specialises in video coding, image processing, video streaming and software product development. Vcodex works with clients to maximise the value of their technology and intellectual property. Vcodex’s products include Beamshare, an innovative platform for professional video sharing and review, and ClaimNote, a productivity tool that streamlines the human aspect of patent analysis.

Professional associations

  • IEEE
  • Robert Gordon University


  • IP management consultancy

Firm details

Vcodex Limited

Vcodex Limited
35 Regent Quay
Aberdeen AB11 5BE
United Kingdom

Contact details

E: iain@vcodex.com
T: +44 131 208 0264
: @iainvcodex
W: www.vcodex.com


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