Andrew Sant - White Light Consulting Ltd

Managing Director - White Light Consulting Ltd

Andrew Sant is the founder and managing director of White Light Consulting Ltd, a leading business strategy consulting company specialising in intellectual property. Dr Sant has spent over 25 years in the world of technology creation and new product development, taking innovations from idea to money. White Light Consulting provides clients with the clarity of vision and expertise of an experienced corporate IP strategist able to illuminate the all-too-often dark and mysterious space that lies at the commercial intersection where business meets technology and intellectual property.

Having started his career as an experimental physicist and inventor at a technology consultancy near Cambridge, Dr Sant soon came to recognise the importance of intellectual property as a business tool and asset class in its own right throughout the entire product development lifecycle. Capturing, protecting and nurturing ideas is fundamental to any R&D business model, but it is the alignment of the IP strategy with the organisation’s goals and how its intellectual property is used to solve business problems that ultimately secures the downstream commercial value.

Dr Sant was invited to join a major global US corporation as chief IP officer, where he developed and honed his skills of exploiting intellectual property as a commercial asset across the full range of business issues – from mergers and acquisitions to customer collaborations to litigation. Fundamental to his business philosophy is his unblinking focus on adding commercial value through IP exploitation and for intellectual property to earn its keep. Through strategic positioning and creative problem solving, Dr Sant has added hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial value that is directly attributable to his IP strategies.

As a serial inventor, product development engineer, IP strategist and businessman, Dr Sant brings a unique hands-on perspective to the field of management consulting for intellectual property, having a vision for the big picture without missing the crucial details.

Dr Sant has a BSc and a PhD in theoretical and experimental physics from Imperial College, London.


  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • Tax
  • Technology transfer

Firm details

White Light Consulting Ltd

White Light Consulting Ltd
Croft House
14 Northcroft Lane
Newbury RG14 1BU
United Kingdom

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T: +44 7803 727 878


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