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Managing Director - Global Prior Art Inc

Bruce Rubinger is managing director and founder of Global Prior Art (GPA), a pioneer in the field of IP research and analysis, and widely known as “the most trusted name in IP research”. The go-to contact for invalidity work, he supports leading companies, law firms and joint defence groups. Under his leadership, GPA’s proprietary IP value creation services span innovation strategy, IP due diligence, opportunity assessment, competitive IP benchmarking, IP monitoring and portfolio alignment.

Dr Rubinger is a top strategist for IP defence and a well-known authority and speaker on effectively wielding the invalidity defence, aligning intellectual property with product development and tools for board members to monitor IP investments. He has worked closely with leading firms on high-stakes cases in fields such as wireless communications, software, business processes and speech recognition.

As managing director, Dr Rubinger oversees GPA’s engineering division, comprising the electronics, telecommunications, software and mechanical engineering groups. He is also a member of GPA’s life science management committee. His team encompasses more than 60 full-time specialists, including staff in Japan, Germany and Russia. GPA’s institutional processes approach invalidity analysis in a scientific manner that yields higher performance. Dr Rubinger is also a pioneer in the field of IP strategy; the GlobalMap IP landscape analysis tool was awarded a US patent.

Dr Rubinger’s background encompasses a blend of technology and the science of decision making. He holds a BSEE, an MSEE and a PhD in systems science. His dissertation addressed non-linear filtering and its application to prediction and estimation, funded by a NASA fellowship. He began his career with Hughes Aircraft, where he was involved in digital signal processing.

Articles and presentations

  • “Locating Prior Art Gold: The Five Keys to Successfully Uncovering Strong Prior Art” (IP Today, July 2011)
  • “Using effective IP due diligence to guide an IP monetisation strategy” (IAM IP Monetisation Yearbook 2013)
  • “GPA’s Experts vs The Crowd: Setting the Performance Record Straight” (February 2014)
  • “IoT Security IP Landscape” (June 2016)

Professional associations

  • Eta Kappa Nu
  • LES
  • Sigma Xi


  • Defensive patent aggregation
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • Valuation

Firm details

Global Prior Art Inc

Global Prior Art Inc
21 Milk Street Sixth Floor
Boston MA 02109
United States

Contact details

T: +1 617 574 9574

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