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Head of Monetisation - Dennemeyer SA

Malte Köllner is one of the world’s leading figures in the field of patent valuation (voted as one of the “very few true experts”) and is well known throughout the world for his contribution to this field.

A few years ago, Dr Köllner correctly predicted the failure of the German patent funds, at a time when there was still much hype around these funds.

At present, Dr Köllner is building up Dennemeyer’s new monetisation service.

Repeatedly elected as one of the world’s leading lawyers, patent valuation specialists and IP strategists, Dr Köllner values the intellectual property of blue-chip companies and gives expert opinions in court. He lectures on patent valuation and IP due diligence at the Universities of Strasbourg and Maastricht and is editor in chief of the leading journal on patent law in German-speaking countries. Dr Köllner has authored and co-authored numerous publications on the economic and legal side of the IP system, including a handbook on the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Dr Köllner is a German and European patent, trademark and design attorney.

Professional associations

  • EPI
  • GRUR
  • I3PM
  • Patentanwaltskammer


  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Valuation

Firm details

Dennemeyer SA

Dennemeyer SA
55 Rue des Bruyères
Howald 1274

Contact details

T: +49 69 69 59 600
F: +49 69 69 59 60 22


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