Yann Dietrich - France Brevets

Senior Vice President - France Brevets

Yann Dietrich is a senior patent licensing executive and IP counsel with more than 15 years’ experience. He is senior vice president of strategy and development at France Brevets, a €100 million IP investment fund that manages, in particular, the NFC licensing programme. France Brevets is the first sovereign fund for patents in Europe. Its objective is to assist private companies and public research organisations to create value – defensive, competitive or financial – through their patents. As such, France Brevets deploys both financial and human resources for the benefit of patent holders.

In the past, Mr Dietrich contributed to the definition and implementation of the IP strategy of various multinational companies (eg, Orange and Intel) and organisations (eg, LiMo Foundation, now Tizen Association), including leading and managing international teams and projects. He also previously worked for Schneider Electric and Apple. Through this work, he has developed strong experience in strategic and business patent and IP licensing, standardisation, lobbying and open source. He also participated in the work on IP rights of several international standards organisations (the International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardisation Sector, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the Open Mobile Alliance) and European trade associations (eg, Digital Europe, in which he chaired the IP rights working group for several years).

Professional associations

  • LES


  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • Valuation

Firm details

France Brevets

France Brevets
12 rue d’athènes
Paris 75009

Contact details

E: yann.dietrich@francebrevets.com
T: +33 63 30 74 603
W: www.francebrevets.com

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