Matthew Rappaport - IP Checkups Inc

President - IP Checkups Inc

Matthew Rappaport founded IP Checkups (IPC) in 2004 to help companies to align their patent strategy with their business objectives. IPC assists companies to extract maximum value from patent analytics, increase organisational knowledge and efficiency, and strengthen return on technology investment. Through mastering patent analytic, text analytic and competitive intelligence tools combined with a collaborative, hands-on approach to patent portfolio management and strategy, IPC analyses competitive scientific and patent information and provides solutions for companies to identify, build and value defensible patent portfolios that are aligned with strategic business development goals.

Mr Rappaport specialises in assessing competitive technology landscapes, patent analytics, patent valuations and IP monetisation opportunities to provide clients with strategic and actionable recommendations. IPC primarily assists large and small companies and investors focused on batteries, life sciences, medical devices, cleantech, materials, electronics and other technologies to generate superior returns on technology investment.

In 2008 IPC introduced a fully automated competitive patent intelligence service and software platform, PatentCAM, directed towards affordable and easy management and monitoring of competitive patent information. The platform offers a collaborative and simple interface, enabling clients to log in and focus on document analysis and decision making. Most recently, IPC launched the ABC PatentEdge, a best-in-class advanced battery and capacitor competitive intelligence solution that contains more than 250,000 patents categorised into over 200 advanced battery technology areas. The web-based tool is updated monthly to alert users to the newest advanced battery innovations and allows users to analyse trends and track competitor activity. Mr Rappaport has been a speaker at several conferences dealing with patent analytics, patent strategy, ownership transparency, non-practising entities and the importance of patents to investors. Mr Rappaport serves as the industry liaison to the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership at the University of California, Berkeley. He also sits on the executive advisory council of the Early X Foundation. Both he and his father Irving Rappaport have been listed in the IAM Strategy 300 for several years.

Professional associations

  • PIUG


  • Finance
  • IAM/IC
  • IP management consultancy
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • Technology transfer
  • Valuation

Firm details

IP Checkups Inc

IP Checkups Inc
1600 Shattuck Avenue
Suite 114
Berkeley CA 94709
United States

Contact details

T: +1 510 225 1162
F: +1 253 981 1030


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