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11 Jul 2018
Japan considers expanding design protection to cover wider range of designs

A recent report has suggested amending the Design Law in order to address increasingly diverse methods of design. Among other things, Japan is considering expanding protection to projected and spatial designs, as well as relaxing the rules governing a series of designs for a given product. Full text

27 Jun 2018
Business-related patents steadily increase

The Japan Patent Office has revealed the latest numbers of patent applications for business-related inventions, showing a significant increase since 2011. As new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things gain traction, business-related patents are becoming increasingly attractive. Full text

11 Apr 2018
Local government strongly supports patent licensing between large companies and SMEs

The so-called 'Kawasaki model' has inspired projects to revitalise local industries by successfully involving large companies in licensing unused patents to small and medium-sized enterprises. Such projects have attracted many major industry players and local government support. Full text

21 Feb 2018
Patent licensing business model attracts attention

A business model for large companies to license unused patents to small and medium-sized enterprises, which then develop new products and generate new business, is attracting considerable attention in Japan. Full text

22 Nov 2017
Supreme Court reverses taxation on tax haven subsidiary

The Japanese government is strengthening the oversight of overseas patent transfers. A recent Supreme Court ruling may help companies to judge whether anti-tax haven rules apply to their foreign IP management subsidiaries. Full text

18 Oct 2017
Government requests guideline suggestions for standard-essential patent licence negotiation

The government recently held a meeting to discuss issues involving standard-essential patent licensing in accordance with the Intellectual Property Strategic Programme 2017, which was published in May 2017. Full text

11 Oct 2017
Generic company planning strategic lawsuits with recently acquired US subsidiary

Sawai Pharmaceutical Co is planning to undertake lawsuits in the United States in cooperation with its newly acquired US subsidiary Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc. If Sawai succeeds, other Japanese generic companies may adopt its approach. Full text

27 Sep 2017
Border enforcement: China stays top in originating country of infringing imported goods into Japan

The Japanese government recently published statistics on the import suspension of IP-infringing goods into Japan during the first half of 2017. The statistics highlight an increase in design rights cases; regarding types of intellectual property, most cases are for import suspension due to trademark infringement. Full text

30 Nov 2016
IP management theory is vital for effective growth strategy

To what extent can an agent (and a qualified person) be serviceable in planning an IP strategy? This report examines the idea of a 'qualified person' from the perspective of management theory, under the theme of the tools required to formulate IP strategy. Full text


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