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15 Jun 2016
Supreme Court ruling expected to increase cassation complaints filed by inventors

In a case brought by an employee-inventor for remuneration for the use of his invention, the Supreme Court recently held that the admissibility of a cassation complaint (ie, an appeal of last resort) depends on the value of the appeal provided for in labour law matters. Full text

08 Jun 2016
Poland allows full cumulative protection of industrial designs

An act introducing amendments to the Industrial Property Law, which came into force in December 2015, abrogated the restriction on cumulative protection of industrial designs by repealing Article 116 of the Industrial Property Law. This article excluded industrial designs for which registration rights had expired from copyright protection. Full text

13 Apr 2016
Poland rejects Swiss-type claims

The new Industrial Property Law introduced a long-awaited change in the rules regarding patent protection for second or further medical use of a known substance or composition, which aligns Polish patent law with the European Patent Convention and European Patent Office case law. Full text

23 Mar 2016
Favourable changes to Polish trademark law

In 2015 Parliament revised the Industrial Property Law, introducing several significant changes to the trademark registration and maintenance processes. Previously, only a patent attorney could act as a party's representative before the Polish Patent Office in trademark registration proceedings, but now an attorney at law can act as a party's representative. Full text

09 Mar 2016
Changes to phonogram costs and protection introduced

The 2015 amendment of the Act on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights has improved performers' position in relation to producers in regard to remuneration. It has also extended the protection of phonographic artistic performances from 50 to 70 years. Full text

24 Feb 2016
New trademark registration model coming soon

The amended Industrial Property Law will enter into force on April 15 2016 and introduce significant changes to the trademark registration process. The new rules of procedure will increase the competitiveness of the Polish Patent Office in relation to the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market and the number of national trademark applications by accelerating and simplifying the registration process. Full text


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