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17 Sep 2008
IP High Court sets new precedent for adding new material

Japanese patent practice is known as the strictest in the world in regard to the prohibition on adding new material. However, the Grand Panel of the IP High Court recently rendered a judgment that may lower the standard for the prohibition on adding new material. Full text

25 Jun 2008
Indirect online infringement: a growing trend

In Japan, the courts have tended to judge the owners of online services which allow the copying of television programmes or music files as being guilty of indirect copyright infringement, even though it is the users who make the copies. However, new systems are in the pipeline which should benefit online service owners. Full text

09 Apr 2008
Securitising patents in the global credit crunch

Although there has been only one patent securitisation in Japan to date, the deal reveals valuable pointers for the way that future transactions might proceed. In addition, the new Trust Law offers alternative structures for securitising patents, which could make such transactions more popular in future. Full text

06 Feb 2008
IP management helps SMEs maintain a competitive edge

As intellectual property becomes a vital issue for businesses across Asia, Japan’s long-term strategy of promoting its importance and, in particular, of helping small and medium-sized enterprises maximise the value from their inventions is paying dividends. Full text


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