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Zacco is a modern, consultancy-driven company with a 360-degree perspective on intellectual property, from patent filing, trademark registration and design protection to dispute resolution, information security and portfolio management.

Zacco employs more than 300 experts in all areas of intellectual property, including a large number of experienced patent, trademark and design attorneys as well as highly skilled attorneys at law, paralegals and IT specialists.

Work areas

Uniquely, due to its size, Zacco has specialists in almost all areas of intellectual property.

Its patent practice serves all industries with filing and prosecution, freedom-to-operate, validity and infringement opinions and has a special focus on European patent practice, including oppositions and appeals before the European Patent Office.

In particular, Zacco has succeeded in setting up a patent litigation support team which is unsurpassed in Scandinavia. Headed by Ejvind Christiansen, the team has supported lawyers throughout Scandinavia and beyond, acting for companies such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Monsanto, AstraZeneca, SanofiAventis and GlaxoSmithKline.

Its trademark practice assists all industries with filing and prosecution, availability and infringement opinions and has a special focus on European trademark practice, including oppositions, cancellations and appeals before the EU Intellectual Property Office.

In particular, a number of companies, including in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, have outsourced the management of their trademark portfolios to Zacco, which – thanks to a well-established infrastructure and economies of scale – can offer a cost-efficient alternative to an insourced solution.

In contrast to most other IP firms in Scandinavia, alongside its patent and trademark services, Zacco also provides the full range of IP legal services. These services are offered by a cooperation of law firms and lawyers working and sharing offices with Zacco throughout Scandinavia and in Germany.

The legal practice serves all industries with legal advice and assistance in connection with the drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to intellectual property, technology, advertising and e-commerce, litigation, domain name conflict resolution, establishment of customs surveillance and other measures for the prevention or combating of counterfeiting.

Zacco’s lawyers have successfully represented international clients in proceedings before the national courts and the European Court of Justice.

Recently, Zacco has broadened the scope of its IP services to include cyber security, software and digital brands which include several specific services that guard all intangible assets of their clients.


Zacco has almost 400 employees with more than 300 IP experts, including 170 attorneys and 130 paralegals.

In addition to the native languages of the countries in which Zacco has offices (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German), all of Zacco’s attorneys are fluent in English as a working language and many also speak additional foreign languages, including French, Spanish and Japanese.


The foundation for the international IP consulting firm that is today known as Zacco was originally laid in 1870. After a merger in 2001 – between Hofman-Bang in Denmark, Stockholm Patent Bureau in Sweden and Bryns Patentkontor in Norway – the company adopted the name Zacco.

In July 2009 Zacco merged with the longstanding and well-known IP consulting firm Albihns, forming Albihns.Zacco, which in September 2012 changed its name to Zacco.

This long-term growth strategy has today resulted in Zacco: one of Europe’s largest and most experienced IP consulting firms.

Value proposition

Our vision is to secure and protect our clients’ entire innovation process and intangible assets. With our technical and legal expertise and experience, we want to guard our clients’ innovations and make them reach their full potential and development.

Our aim is to be our clients’ preferred partner within IP consultancy as well as their innovative partner in the development of new technology to meet the digitalisation advances which the IP business is facing and the world is undergoing.

Main address

Arne Jacobsens Alle 15
Copenhagen DK- 2300

Contact details

T: +45 3948 8000
F: +45 3948 8080

Professional contacts

Peggy Bengtsson, Regional director, Denmark and Sweden South

Erik Treskog, Regional director, Sweden East and North

Thor B Mosaker, Regional director, Norway and Germany

Other offices

Aarhus, Alesund, Bergen, Bremen, Gothenburg, Linkoping, Lund, Malmo, Munich, Oslo, Skelleftea, Stavanger, Stockholm, Uppsala

Recommended individuals at this firm

Pernille Thorsboe

Pernille Thorsboe  -  Senior Partner

Ejvind Christiansen

Ejvind Christiansen  -  Senior Partner

Hans Langan

Hans Langan  -  Senior Partner

Peter Ekwall

Peter Ekwall  -  Senior Partner

Steinar Lie

Steinar Lie  -  Partner

Jörgen Linde

Jörgen Linde  -  Senior Partner

Thor Mosaker

Thor Mosaker  -  Regional Director, Norway and Germany

Michael Byström

Michael Byström  -  Senior Partner


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