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Robins Kaplan LLP is among the nation’s premier trial law firms, with more than 220 attorneys in eight major cities. Our attorneys litigate, mediate and arbitrate client disputes, always at the ready for an ultimate courtroom battle. When huge forces are at play, major money is at stake or rights are being trampled, we help clients cut through the complexity, get to the heart of the problem and win what matters most.

IP and technology litigation

Robins Kaplan’s IP and technology litigation group has a long history of extraordinary courtroom victories, IP asset monetisation and innovation defence. We have had multiple IP enforcement efforts on behalf of plaintiffs where revenues in each exceeded $100 million. We have also successfully defended hundreds of millions of dollars of technology and brand investment. Working across the most important practice areas of intellectual property, we have litigated and monetised technologies as diverse as software, microprocessor design, laser jet printers, magnetic resonance imaging and cameras. Our record includes arbitration and international arbitration successes, as well as those in federal district court and the Federal District Court of Appeals, and before the International Trade Commission.

Our IP litigation practice has long been widely recognised as among the top in the country. We were named The American Lawyer’s first-ever IP litigation department of the year. Many firm members are fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers and several of the firm’s members have been named to The National Law Journal’s annual list of the top 10 litigators in the United States.

Selected results on behalf of rights holders include the following:

  • Eolas Technologies, Inc v Microsoft – obtained a jury verdict in favour of Eolas and the University of California in the amount of $520.6 million, in a case involving internet browser technology.
  • Intergraph v Dell – represented the patent owner in efforts to monetise a portfolio of semiconductor patents that has, to date, recovered more than $500 million in settlements.
  • Grantley Patent Holdings, Inc v Clear Channel Communications, Inc – obtained a jury verdict of $66 million (subsequently enhanced by the court to $89.7 million) for the owner of a patent covering an inventory management system.
  • St Clair Intellectual Property Consultants, Inc v Canon, Inc – led a litigation and licensing monetisation campaign for the owner of patents covering digital camera technology, obtaining jury verdicts of $34.7 million and $25 million, and millions more in subsequent related litigation and licensing efforts.

Defence results include the following:

  • Promega Corporation v Applied Biosystems – obtained summary judgment from Judge Posner, who dismissed as invalid all infringement claims asserted against our client.
  • Silicon Graphics, Inc v Advanced Micro Devices – obtained summary judgment of non-infringement on three patents covering graphics-processing technologies.
  • RealSource, Inc v Best Buy Co – subsequently affirmed on appeal, we obtained summary judgment in a case alleging infringement of patents covering gift card activation technologies.

Strategic IP monetisation and licensing

The strategic IP monetisation group at Robins Kaplan helps investors and inventors evaluate intellectual property, identify hidden value and find ways to monetise technology and innovation assets. We have extensive experience representing patent owners in industry-wide patent monetisation campaigns, several of which have netted judgments and licensing revenue in excess of $400 million.

We also represent clients outside the courtroom in a wide variety of IP monetisation efforts. We leverage our deep technical expertise, extensive courtroom experience and practical industry knowledge to evaluate IP assets for potential licensing, sale or acquisition. We also represent clients in transactions to monetise IP assets, including licensing campaigns, IP sale-and-lease-back transactions and sales and acquisition of IP assets.

To evaluate the strength and value of the intellectual property in question, we developed our proprietary strategic IP assessment. When combined with our litigation experience and in-house PhD science advisers and financial and economic consultants, this process makes us strategically situated to deliver an actionable, real-world IP evaluation.

*Past results are reported to provide the reader with an indication of the type of litigation in which we practise and do not and should not be construed to create an expectation of result in any other case as all cases are dependent upon their own unique fact situation and applicable law.

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