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Harrity & Harrity is an IP boutique that has been specialising in the preparation and prosecution of electrical and mechanical patent applications since 1999. Our services include patent preparation and prosecution, patent opinions, patent analytics, patent reissue, patent quality support and patent preparation and prosecution training. Since our inception, Harrity & Harrity has grown and maintained a robust and prestigious client base, including a number of Fortune 500 companies and some of the leading technology companies in the world. Harrity & Harrity’s client base consists mainly of long-term clients which have come to trust and depend on our quality, experience, innovation and service.


Quality is the area that truly separates us from our peers. Our firm prides itself on consistently delivering high-quality services through the use of a thorough second attorney review process and a uniform writing style that is tailored to clients’ needs. The second attorney review process ensures that all work product is of the highest quality before it is sent to the client for review. Therefore, when you hire Harrity & Harrity, you get two patent professionals who will be intimately involved in each of your matters. Almost all of the second attorney review is performed by a firm partner. Over the last three years, the firm has averaged nearly 1,500 hours of annual second attorney review time. Our uniform writing style ensures that clients receive a consistent work product from our firm. At Harrity & Harrity, we say that “We Patented Quality®”, and our second attorney review and uniform writing style ensure that we provide clients with the highest-quality patent preparation and prosecution services each and every time.


Experience is another area that separates us from our peers. Our professional staff averages over 11 years of experience in the patent field. Nearly 50% of our professionals, including 100% of the firm’s partners, are former patent examiners. In addition, 100% of our professionals are registered to practise before the US Patent and Trademark Office. Our professionals have technical backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, physics, industrial and systems engineering and civil engineering. In effect, we can handle any invention in the electrical or mechanical arts. Harrity & Harrity is considered to be a medium-sized firm – that said, we perform a large volume of work. From 2012 to 2016 we drafted nearly 1,500 patent applications and obtained nearly 2,500 allowances on behalf of clients.


Innovation is yet another area that separates us from our peers. At Harrity & Harrity, we strive for excellence, so we track a large number of statistics in order to measure our performance and improve the services that we provide to clients. We also share our statistics with clients to ensure that they know exactly how we are doing, performance-wise. We provide a level of transparency that is unparalleled in the patent field. In addition to statistics tracking, we have developed a massive proprietary database that we use to make intelligent prosecution decisions and analyse the patent landscape for clients.


Client service means everything at our firm. We believe in partnering with our clients to ensure we provide outstanding service. We strive to raise the expectations our clients have for their firms by helping them to understand their own patent portfolios, by saving them time and money and treating each of our clients' matters as though it is our own.

Harrity & Harrity specialises in:

  • patent preparation;
  • patent prosecution;
  • patent opinions;
  • patent analytics;
  • patent reissue;
  • patent quality support; and
  • patent preparation and prosecution training.

Main address

11350 Random Hills Road
Suite 600
Fairfax VA 22030
United States

Contact details

E: info@harrityllp.com
T: +1 571 432 0800
F: +1 571 432 0808
W: www.harrityllp.com

Professional contacts

John Harrity, Partner
E: jharrity@harrityllp.com

Paul Harrity, Partner
E: pharrity@harrityllp.com

Paul Gurzo, Partner
E: pgurzo@harrityllp.com

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