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Nicholson De Vos Webster & Elliott LLP is a boutique IP law firm located in Silicon Valley. Leveraging decades of experience, the partners founded the firm in 2015 with a focus on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, patent portfolio management, post-issuance proceedings and patent litigation support. Borrowing from the tactics of the companies that the firm represents, Nicholson De Vos leverages current technology to provide a flexible and secure environment for attorney and client collaboration.

Although a relatively new firm, Nicholson De Vos has grown to include 14 attorneys and one patent agent, most of whom have worked together for many years. Nicholson De Vos is proud of its distinguished attorneys, who have been listed among the world’s leading patent practitioners. The team has extensive experience in a robust range of technologies, with many having technical degrees in electrical engineering or computer science. The firm uses that depth of knowledge and experience to pursue protection for clients’ intellectual property.

The firm’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. The firm has expertise creating and managing patent programmes from scratch as well as seamlessly working with established client guidelines and procedures. Key industries serviced by the firm include microprocessors, graphics, telecommunications, networking, IP television, social media, virtualisation software, cloud storage, network security and optimisation, the Internet of Things, wearable technology and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Nicholson De Vos’s patent prosecution practice not only focuses on filing and prosecuting patent applications in the United States, but also includes filing and prosecuting international patent applications. The firm regularly files Patent Cooperation Treaty applications, before both the US Patent and Trademark Office and the International Bureau. In addition, individuals at the firm have long-standing relationships with attorneys at firms in other countries, whom they work with to file and prosecute direct and national phase filings in those countries according to the relevant rules and best practices. For example, Nicholson De Vos’s attorneys have helped to direct patent prosecution efforts in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and Singapore.

Clients often request Nicholson De Vos’s attorneys to review and improve their patent portfolios relative to particular competitors. Further, the firm has experience analysing clients’ patents with an eye towards not only enforcement in the United States, but also a coordinated effort in multiple countries (particularly China, Taiwan and Korea).

In addition, Nicholson De Vos is regularly tasked with performing defensive reviews of third-party patents, including the location of difficult-to-find prior art. Further, the firm’s post-issuance proceedings experience includes inter partes review proceedings and ex parte re-examinations.

The firm’s attorneys can provide patent litigation support. The extensive understanding of clients’ products that comes from preparing and prosecuting their patents means that Nicholson De Vos can assist clients in litigation efforts.

Practising in Silicon Valley gives Nicholson De Vos access to companies at the forefront of technological innovation. This physical presence affords firm attorneys the opportunity, on short notice and at the convenience of clients, to meet in person with inventors and in-house counsel to fully understand their technology and counsel on patent strategy.

Main address

217 High Street
Palo Alto CA 94301
United States

Contact details

E: firm@nicholsondevos.com
T: +1 408 675 0441
F: +1 480 675 0442
W: www.nicholsondevos.com

Professional contacts

Dan De Vos, Partner
E: dan@nicholsondevos.com

David Nicholson, Partner
E: dave@nicholsondevos.com

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