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On March 1 2017, Frommer, Lawrence & Haug transitioned to its new name, Haug Partners LLP. This name change reflects the firm’s unity as well as its strengths in the industry. First, it focuses on our legacy and accomplishments. Over the past 20 years, the firm has been pioneering law for innovators by providing synthesised, multidisciplinary legal services for life science and technology businesses. Second, the new name emphasises the power of our collective work as a partnership.

Adopting the Haug Partners name reflects our commitment to our unique approach to counselling clients. We are also growing and redefining our practice areas to provide exceptional integrated services for clients in a complex and ever-evolving legal and regulatory market.

Haug Partners’ geographic expansion includes the opening of a new office in Boston. This expansion will add to the firm’s already substantial resources and allow it to provide even more focused attention to our clients’ needs. The firm’s flagship New York City office boasts a state-of-the-art litigation suite with a fully functional mock courtroom, and our Washington DC office is located a short distance from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice. Haug Partners has developed and maintained close working partnerships with firms in Germany, China and Japan, enabling our attorneys to counsel clients in an increasingly global marketplace.

Haug Partners delivers added value to our clients by assembling a multidisciplinary team tailored to each clients’ needs that thoroughly analyses a matter, develops a comprehensive legal strategy and then delivers an integrated solution. Our team’s expanded and redefined service offerings include:

  • antitrust litigation and counselling;
  • commercial litigation and strategic counselling;
  • due diligence;
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance and counselling;
  • IP enforcement;
  • IP procurement and strategy;
  • International Trade Commission actions;
  • investigations, compliance and risk mitigation services;
  • licensing and transactions; and
  • trademarks and unfair competition.

Haug Partners’ strength resides in its people. We have attorneys and advisers with advanced degrees in specialised technical fields and extensive industry experience. Our team includes former research scientists, in-house corporate counsel, FDA and FTC attorneys and USPTO examiners. We work across a broad range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences, medical devices, aerospace, chemicals, automotive, information technology, e-commerce, cosmetics, consumer electronics, telecommunications, energy, semiconductors, financial services and insurance. We assist clients from the inception of an idea through to commercialisation and next-generation planning. Our technical expertise, legal acumen and business judgement enables us to consistently deliver optimal outcomes.

Haug Partners values leadership. We recognise that it is essential to actively contribute to our legal community through service in bar and industry associations, including the Federal Circuit Bar Association (of which managing partner Ed Haug is a past president), the Licensing Executives Society, BIO International, NewYorkBIO, BioNJ, Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and the Food and Drug Law Institute. Our frontline involvement in these organisations allows us to directly influence law and policy to the benefit of our profession and our clients.

Haug Partners also brings its expertise and considerable resources to bear in standing up for veterans, low-income individuals and non-profit and charitable organisations which lack the resources for adequate legal representation. We participate in numerous pro bono organisations, including Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, the Innocence Project, the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Programme and the New York City Corporation Counsel.

All Haug Partners’ attorneys, regardless of level, are encouraged to devote a portion of their time to pro bono matters. While giving back to the community, we have assisted pro bono clients in matters that include administrative proceedings before the federal government and at all levels of the court system, including before the Supreme Court.

Haug Partners collaborates with our clients to provide comprehensive legal strategies. Industry leaders trust Haug Partners to help procure, manage, protect and maximise the lifecycle of their most valuable assets.

Main address

745 Fifth Avenue
Floor 10
New York NY 10151
United States

Contact details

E: firm@haugpartners.com
T: +1 212 588 0800
F: +1 212 588 0500
W: www.haugpartners.com

Professional contacts

Kyle Haug, Director, business development
E: khaug@haugpartners.com

Other offices

Boston, Washington DC

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