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Partner - Carpmaels & Ransford LLP

John Brunner specialises in IT and telecommunications-related technology and has been highly successful in obtaining valuable patents for a variety of software and IT businesses. This is an area where patent protection in Europe is often desirable, but can be fraught with difficulty.

Prosecution of patent applications in Europe that read onto established industry standards requires particular experience, and Mr Brunner has being doing this over many years for 4G LTE, 3G, Digital Video Broadcast and DDR SDRAM, as well as numerous others. The specialist work involved in this field led to the creation of the firm’s information and communications technology and standards team, which Mr Brunner leads.

Mr Brunner has one of the largest IT and telecommunications opposition practices in Europe, and has successfully led some of the most high-profile cases in this sector before the European Patent Office Boards of Appeal and Opposition Divisions.

Other areas of expertise include drug delivery systems and analyte measurement devices. Mr Brunner advises a range of companies in these fields – from start-ups to multinationals – on more general IP issues, including infringement and enforcement of patents and design rights and licensing issues.

Mr Brunner is an engineering graduate of Oxford University and a council member of the UK Group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). He also sits on the Programme Committee of the AIPPI – providing input on IT-related patent topics – and on the Intellectual Property Owners Association Standards Setting Committee.

Professional associations

  • CIPA
  • EPI

Firm details

Carpmaels & Ransford LLP
One Southampton Row
London WC1B 5HA
United Kingdom

Contact details

E: john.brunner@carpmaels.com
T: +44 20 7242 8692
F: +44 20 7405 4166
W: www.carpmaels.com


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