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Arwed A Burrichter is a registered European and German patent attorney. He prosecutes and litigates European patents and provides strategic advice on patents and supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, organic chemistry and polymer chemistry.

Dr Burrichter has frequently served as lead patent counsel in various important pan-European pharmaceutical and chemistry-related cases. As such, he has a substantial track record in European Patent Office (EPO) opposition and national nullity proceedings.

Besides his litigation and EPO opposition work, Dr Burrichter maintains an extensive patent prosecution docket for his clients.

Dr Burrichter is known for his perceptive counselling of US clients, which frequently rely on his advice for important strategic decisions in European patent prosecution and litigation matters. He developed an affinity for the United States and a keen sense of the particularities associated with the US legal system through more than five combined years of scientific and professional experience there, including a period as a foreign associate at Ropes & Gray LLP, New York (formerly Fish & Neave LLP).

Dr Burrichter’s capacity for advocating and devising effective winning strategies makes him one of the most sought-after chemistry patent counsel in Germany. He has been consistently recognised in JUVE’s patent category as one of Germany’s most frequently recommended patent attorneys for chemistry-related matters.

A frequent author and speaker, Dr Burrichter has recently addressed topics such as the upcoming Unified Patent Court, reform of the German patent nullification trial system and pharma patent term extensions via SPCs.

Dr Burrichter studied organic chemistry at the University of Bonn, Germany and obtained his PhD from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, working on hydrocarbon chemistry under the guidance of Nobel laureate George A Olah.

Professional associations

  • EPI

Firm details

Patent- und Rechtsanwälte
Bleichstrasse 14
Dusseldorf 40211

Contact details

T: +49 211 904 900
F: +49 211 904 9049

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