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Economic analysis often plays a crucial role in IP litigation, whether relating to the question of reasonable efforts in licensing disputes, commercial success in disagreements over patentability or – most importantly – the quantum of damages to be paid for lost profits and as a reasonable royalty in infringement suits. Given the importance of patents as business assets and the significant sums at stake in compensation battles, choosing the right expert witness is imperative. The IAM Patent 1000 presents a list of the leading professionals in this field.

Individuals: economic experts

Highly recommended
Christopher Bakewell - Duff & Phelps
Stephen L Becker - Applied Economics Consulting Group Inc
Thomas Britven - ASQ Consulting Group
Julie L Davis - Davis & Hosfield Consulting LLC
Henry G Grabowski - Duke University
Creighton Hoffman - Hoffman Alvary & Company
John Jarosz - Analysis Group
Gregory K Leonard - Edgeworth Economics
Matthew R Lynde - Cornerstone Research
James E Malackowski - Ocean Tomo LLC
Daniel M McGavock - Charles River Associates
Paul K Meyer - TM Financial Forensics LLC
Carla S Mulhern - Analysis Group
James Nawrocki - IPFC Corp
Stephen D Prowse - FTI Consulting Inc
Jon Putnam - Competition Dynamics, Inc
Alan Ratliff - StoneTurn Group LLP
Ryan Sullivan - Intensity
Vincent Thomas - FTI Consulting Inc
Keith R Ugone - Analysis Group
Thomas Vander Veen - Epsilon Economics
Chris Vellturo - Quantitative Economic Solutions llc
Michael Wagner - LitiNomics
Sumanth Addanki - NERA Economic Consulting
Kevin Arst - 284 Partners, LLC
Gregory Bell - Charles River Associates
Melissa A Bennis - Davis & Hosfield Consulting LLC
Christopher J Bokhart - Charles River Associates
John Bone - Stout Risius Ross Inc
Christopher Borek - Analysis Group
Walt Bratic - OverMont Consulting LLC
Andrew Carter - Ocean Tomo LLC
Elvir Causevic - Houlihan Lokey
Alan J Cox - Nera Economic Consulting
Michael J Dansky - Nathan Associates, Inc
Carl Degen - Christensen Associates
Carrie Distler - FTI Consulting Inc
James J Donohue - Charles River Associates
Cate Elsten - Ocean Tomo LLC
Christopher Gerardi - FTI Consulting Inc
Philip Green - Hoffman Alvary & Company
Lance E Gunderson - Echelon Analytics
Dawn Hall - FTI Consulting Inc
John Hansen - TM Financial Forensics LLC
Mark Hosfield - Davis & Hosfield Consulting LLC
Daniel Jackson - AlixPartners
William Kerr - Berkeley Research Group LLC
Doug Kidder - OSKR
Jeffrey H Kinrich - Analysis Group
Michael J Lasinski - 284 Partners, LLC
Catharine Lawton - Berkeley Research Group LLC
Nisha Mody - OSKR
Brian Napper - FTI Consulting Inc
Mark A Peterson - Robinwood Consulting LLC
Mohan Rao - Epsilon Economics
Brett L Reed - Competition Economics LLC
Michele Riley - Stout Risius Ross Inc
Raymond Sims - Charles River Associates
Daniel J Slottje - FTI Consulting Inc
Laura B Stamm - Analysis Group
George Strong Jr - Cornerstone Research
Michael Tate - Charles River Associates
Walter Vandaele - Navigant Consulting Inc
Shirley Webster - Ocean Tomo LLC
David Yurkerwich - Navigant Consulting Inc

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