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18 Jul 2018
Who will be the technology leader for 5G? Part two

The licensing of 5G-related SEPs looks set to become a major issue not only for the handset industry, but also for any manufacturing sector. Part two of this analysis provides a first glimpse of the 5G patent landscape by scrutinising the current SEP filing data. Full text

11 Jul 2018
Who will be the technology leader for 5G? Part one

The long-awaited 5G standard was recently published and is a major step towards the next generation of cellular networks. Part one of this analysis looks at how the rise of 5G could make the Internet of Things a reality, as well as the upcoming tech companies which are leading the 5G standards development. Full text

25 Apr 2018
IEEE’s empirical record of success and innovation following patent policy updates

Despite claims that the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' standardisation work had been adversely affected by its 2015 patent licensing policy update, analysis suggests that the institute's standardisation work is thriving. Full text

21 Mar 2018
FRAND royalty and mobile telecoms SEPs – an analysis of recent court cases

Numerous court cases worldwide suggest wide-ranging royalty rates for implementing 2G, 3G and 4G standard-essential patents (SEPs) in handsets. This outcome is further confirmed by one of the active patent pools that offers 3G and 4G SEP licences. Full text

17 Jan 2018
Legal risk of cloud computing

As cloud computing applications are regularly integrated into complex cloud systems, companies must ensure that their cloud-based solutions are not inadvertently infringing patented inventions. Full text

22 Nov 2017
Cloud computing patent litigation on the rise

Cloud computing forms a space where technologies are complex and different solutions converge. A growing number of companies are filing for patent protection on cloud computing technologies or acquiring earlier-filed patents to defend themselves against future litigation. Full text

15 Nov 2017
How to count and valuate standard-essential patents

Standardised technologies such as 3G, 4G and soon 5G will strongly contribute to the next technological revolution of the Internet of Things. In this regard, standard-essential patents are increasingly the subject of lively debate among market observers, policy makers and regulatory institutions. Full text

25 Oct 2017
Patent transaction trends in cloud computing: are PAEs buying into the market?

Cloud patent analysis results show that even cloud technologies which are considered to fundamentally rely on shared environments and follow public standards are subject to increasing patent filings and patent-acquisition activities. Full text


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