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04 Jul 2018
3D-printed human corneas: a new era of bioengineering

Scientists have recently developed 3D-printed corneas in response to the inadequate number of human donations and complications associated with the transplant procedure. Since the technology is relatively new and few patents have been filed, academics and organisations should easily be able to penetrate the field. Full text

13 Jun 2018
Solar water splitting: fuelling the power and energy sectors towards a sustainable future

The growing demand for sustainable energy is a major challenge for the scientific community, with recent IP filings showing an increasing interest in harnessing solar energy to split water for the purpose of hydrogen production. Full text

06 Jun 2018
Resistant starch: the patent landscape

IP filings in the resistant starch field have increased rapidly since 2000. With new innovative technologies, such as the CRISPR-Cas9 system, it will be interesting to see how companies strengthen their portfolios going forward. Full text

02 May 2018
Smart coatings: next-generation supersonic aircraft, high-performance engine parts and gas turbines

Since 2000, smart coating technology has been rapidly evolving in various industries such as aerospace. Though costly, market pull and patenting activity in the aerospace sector indicate a bright future for this technology. Full text

18 Apr 2018
Fat replacers: fighting obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer

Considering the urgent need for further R&D in fat replacement technologies and the ongoing search for ideal fat replacers in a host of everyday products, the number of patent filings in this technology domain is relatively low. Full text

11 Apr 2018
Perovskite solar cells: harnessing clean energy for a bright future

The budding field of perovskite solar cells holds substantial possibilities for the power and energy sector. The legal status of inventions in this domain demonstrates significantly higher grant rates in China compared to other countries. Full text

04 Apr 2018
IP trend evolution – replacing lithium-ion batteries with next-generation sodium-ion batteries

Compared with other energy storage technologies, sodium-ion battery systems are a promising method for large-scale electricity storage. The patent landscape in this domain suggests that industry players are more aware than ever of the potential of sodium-ion batteries as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Full text

21 Mar 2018
IP trend evaluation – CAR T-cell therapy

Recent IP trends confirm that identifying antigens that are highly expressed by tumour cells, but have limited or no expression in normal cells is an important factor in developing chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies. Full text

07 Feb 2018
Next generation inventions: a computer-human perspective

A new generation of technologies which incorporate automation and autonomous artificial intelligence can perform tasks with human-like ability and appear to be transforming inventorship as we know it. Full text

24 Jan 2018
Patent search: the evolution from manual to artificial intelligence

The evolution of patent searching from manual to AI-based methods is unique. Millions of data sets can now be searched using simpler, faster and more dependable tools. Full text

17 Jan 2018
CRISPR: the gene editing tool making the world go round

While an interference battle over patents relating to clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat technology between two major biotech companies was officially settled last year, the licensing war is far from over. Full text

10 Jan 2018
Evolution of patent claim drafting

Applied in the right context, artificial intelligence can provide a cheaper, quicker and more convenient method for evaluating certain aspects of patent claim drafting than retaining an expert to analyse claims manually. Full text

20 Dec 2017
Humans versus robots: changes in patent drafting trends

While patent specification drafting can be laborious, it is a significant and skill-based task, and one which the IP sector should rely on professionals to complete. Full text

13 Dec 2017
Disruption in the IP ecosystem: 3D printing perspectives in start-ups

Three-dimensional printing has many uses and benefits for manufacturers, including rapid prototyping, lower production volumes, greater flexibility in product customisation and increased product lifecycles. However, IP protection in this domain is difficult under existing policies and using existing enforcement methods. Full text

15 Nov 2017
Patent analytics through reverse image search engines: user experience

Despite a multitude of tools that host reverse image search engines, their application is still limited. There is huge scope for maturing this technology and applying it to the domain of professional patent searching. Full text

08 Nov 2017
Patent analytics through reverse image search engines: tools and application

Reverse image search tools function in various ways: some allow users to drag and drop images for searching, while others request users to provide keywords, tags or a URL of the image. However, the use of these tools has yet to receive global acceptance in relation to patent searching. Full text

01 Nov 2017
Patent analytics through reverse image search engines

As a robust, efficient and quick search mechanism for identifying patents can make a huge difference to businesses, a new generation of patent analysis tools has emerged that apply big-data analytics, cloud technologies, modern software development and data-improvement techniques. Full text

06 Sep 2017
IT in intellectual property: boon or bane?

With increasing IP filing rates, the process of managing, searching and optimally using intellectual property has become a major problem area for IP offices and applicants. While automation is greatly improving existing IP industry processes, it also has its limitations. Full text

30 Aug 2017
Evolution of IT in intellectual property: management activities

While searching for and maintaining IP documentation can be tedious, new strategies for developing IP services using end-to-end automation and outsourcing aim to provide legal and corporate IP departments with more effective ways of managing their intellectual property. Full text

16 Aug 2017
Evolution of IT in intellectual property: an overview

The resources required to manage patents and IP assets are becoming more crucial over time. However, the rapid growth in data digitisation and the infrastructure which supports it pose substantial challenges. Full text

02 Aug 2017
Patenting trend evaluation: 3D printing – dental versus aerospace

Patent trends clearly indicate that additive manufacturing is overtaking traditional manufacturing processes. As research shows that companies are striving to make higher-quality products in larger quantities, the need for greater efficiency through three-dimensional printing can no longer be doubted. Full text

26 Jul 2017
3D printing: manufacturing 4.0 – adapting IP strategies

The manufacturing industry is predicted to go through revolutionary changes when three-dimensional (3D) printing becomes commonplace. A concrete framework for appropriate IP strategies is required to address protection challenges in the domain of 3D technology head on. Full text

19 Jul 2017
Dawn of a new era in manufacturing ? debriefing IP strategies

The competitive spirit of the modern technological era has created a need for enhanced IP strategies. A strategic evaluation by inventors and IP attorneys will play a pivotal role in identifying and avoiding IP protection risks. Full text

12 Jul 2017
Patenting in the age of supercomputers

IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, is fast becoming the symbol of a new era in cognitive computing, with a radically new approach as compared to other programmable systems. It can only be a matter of time before Watson's abilities are applied to the domain of patent searching and analytics. Full text


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