A number of IP-related events are held throughout the world each year. On this page you will find details about those that we consider to be the most significant and interesting from the perspective of an IAM reader, including the most up-to-date information concerning IPBC Global, IPBC Asia and other conferences organised by IAM and Globe Business Media Group.

Featured events

Other events

Bankruptcy auction of IP assets

April 13 2017

Charles M Forman, the Chapter 7 trustee of Open Peak, will conduct an auction of Open Peak’s IP assets, commencing at 10:00am EST. For information on the auction please contact the trustee’s IP broker, George M Kelakos, on +1 203 987 6107 or by email at

Seventh LES Asia-Pacific Annual Conference 2017

May 9-12 2017 - Melbourne, Australia

This licensing and technology transfer event has a theme of “Licensing for Well-Being – Health, Nutrition and Sport”, and will focus on translating the opportunities that arise from the need to ensure the well-being of the world’s growing population, including meeting the challenges of keeping healthy and active. The event will cover key areas for an ageing population, including innovation across the region which manifests through new approaches to healthcare, nutrition and developing interest in sport and recreation.


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