Joff Wild

In an exclusive interview at this year's IP Business Congress, conducted with IAM’s Jack Ellis, John Veschi, CEO of Rockstar Consortium – the business that now manages the Nortel patent portfolio acquired by six companies at auction in New York last June – hit out at those who describe the firm as a troll. Labelling Rockstar an FPE (former practising entity), Veschi explained that but for circumstances beyond their control, he and his team – most of whom had previously worked at Nortel - would now be responsible for licensing out a portfolio of very high quality patents for an operating company. 

Veschi gave his insights into the transition he has made from his former role as CIPO at Nortel to head of Rockstar and explained how he and his team ensured an IP ‘line-of-succession’. Veschi also talked about whether the CIPO role differed between operating company and NPE. It is pretty much the same, he said; but while the concerns of other business units at Nortel often constrained IP strategy, the absence of those at Rockstar gives his team more freedom.

You can see the full video interview here.