Joff Wild

Issue 57 of IAM has now been published and is available online to all our subscribers. The over story in this issue is all about China’s champion IP companies, which were revealed on this blog at the weekend. But there is a lot more meaty stuff to read besides.

Judging by reports in the mainstream press, you would think that every patent sale that takes place these days generates tens of millions of dollars, at a minimum. The reality, however, may be a little different. We report the findings of a study which indicates that while there is a buoyant market for brokered patents, it is not as big, or as lucrative, as many may think. We also carry an article which explains why shortening product life sales may mean companies have to change their approach to patent sales.

Our in-house team of journalists are busy in this issue. Two of them have put together major features: one focuses on the IP issues raised by the growing popularity of crowdfunding; while the other is a profile of Dennis Skarvan, the innovative (and award winning) head of IP at Caterpillar.

A major subject of concern for many trademark owners this year has been the establishment of a whole new tranche of top level generic domain names (gTLDs), we take a look at what has happened, as well as the opportunities and challenges the new regime offers. And going back to China, there is an in-depth focus on the growing role that IUP valuation plays in the country. Look out too for articles on Europe’s growing innovation deficit and the new ways that are emerging for companies in the life sciences sector to monetise their rights.

You can see a full PDF version of IAM 57 here.

The digital edition is here.