Joff Wild

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There's a fascinating entry on the Venture Hacks blog entitled "Ten reasons why entrepreneurs hate lawyers". It's about lawyers in general, but my gut feeling is that at least some of the points are worth considering if your specialist area is IP law. In fact, with my recent blogs on patent attorneys in Europe in mind, a few of the irritations listed below are ones I have heard quite a few times from executives working in SMEs when talking about the people who are often their introduction to the IP system. No wonder many of them shy away from further engagement.

Anyway, I will leave it to you to read the full piece (in my view it would be a big mistake not to), but here are those 10 reasons:

• Because they don’t communicate clearly or concisely

• Because they don’t keep me informed

• Because they are constantly over-lawyering

• Because they have poor listening skills

• Because inexperienced lawyers are doing most of the work

• Because they spend too much time on insignificant issues

• Because they don’t genuinely care about me or my matter

• Because their fees are through the roof

• Because they are unresponsive

• Because they are deal-killers

Be honest now: if you are a practising lawyer or attorney reading this, do you really not recognise any of the above? If you do, what a great opportunity to make a few changes that could reap rewards sooner rather than later.