Sara-Jayne Clover

Do you know anyone offering world-class expertise in the development and implementation of IP management and value creation strategies? If so, you only have until the end of tomorrow to nominate them for the 2013 edition of the IAM Strategy 300

Any individual providing top notch strategic IP advice is eligible for the guide, with the following exceptions:

• We cannot accept nominations for individuals who work in the same organisation as you.

• Individuals who work in operating companies (eg, in-house counsel, chief IP officers, corporate licensing managers, etc) are not included in the IAM Strategy 300.

And remember, just because an individual currently features in the 2012 edition of the guide they do not automatically qualify for a place in the 2013 version; just like everybody else they will require a minimum of three nominations in order to make it onto our longlist of nominees.

To make a nomination, email me the name, organisation and email address of your nominee(s) by end of day tomorrow. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or queries regarding the research process.

As of next week we shall begin the task of drawing up our longlist and contacting all those individuals asking for further information to support their nomination. The final decision as to who will be included in the 2013 edition of the IAM Strategy 300 will be made by the IAM team in the new year.