Joff Wild

The latest issue of IAM, which comes out today, is something of a milestone: it is our 50th edition. To mark the occasion we have put together a list of 50 people, companies, institutions and some other things as well that have helped to shape the market we have been reporting on since issue one came out in July 2003. It’s not meant to be a definitive ranking or anything like that, but it gives some idea of what we are interested in, who and what have made the waves and what they have achieved. Subscribers to the magazine can read the article and see our reason for making each selection. The rest of you will have to make do with just the list! In alphabetical order, here it is:

1. Acacia

2. Seung-Ho Ahn - Executive vice president and head of Corporate IP Centre at Samsung

3. Kasim Alfalahi - Chief IP officer and vice president at Ericsson

4. Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)

5. Joe Beyers, former vice president of IP licensing at Hewlett Packard (HP)

6. Centre for Intellectual Property, Gothenburg

7. Competition Directorate General, European Commission

8. Covenants not to sue

9. Tim Crean, chief IP officer, SAP AG

10. Béatrix de Russé - executive vice president of IP & licensing at Technicolor

11. John Desmarais - President of Round Rock Research and partner of Desmarais LLP

12. Q Todd Dickinson – Former Director of the USPTO, partner of Howrey, Chief IP counsel and VP of General Electric and current Executive Director of the AIPLA

13. William Elkington - Senior director of strategic technology at Rockwell Collins

14. Scott Frank – President and CEO of AT&T Intellectual Property

15. Horacio Gutierrez - corporate vice president of IP and deputy general counsel at Microsoft

16. Ian Harvey, chairman of the Intellectual Property Institute

17. Peter Holden, Head of the IP Investment Group at Coller Capital Inc

18. Carl Horton, Chief IP counsel GE

19. IBM

20. Intellectual Ventures

21. The Invisible Edge, by Mark Blaxill and Ralph Eckardt

22. Irwin Jacobs - Former CEO and chairman at Qualcomm

23. Steve Jobs, Apple founder and former CEO

24. David Kappos, Director of USPTO and former vice president/assistant general counsel for Intellectual Property at IBM

25. Sherry Knowles - Former chief patent counsel and senior vice president at GlaxoSmithKline, current principal at Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies

26. Ron Laurie and Rob Sterne – champions of the CIPO role

27. Michelle Lee - Head of patents & patent strategy and deputy general counsel at Google

28. Licensing Executives Society

29. Life sciences industries

30. Richard Lutton, former chief patent counsel, Apple Computer Inc

31. James Malackowski, CEO of OceanTomo

32. Damon Matteo, vice president and chief intellectual property officer, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

33. Dan McCurdy – chairman of PatentFreedom; CEO of Allied Security Trust

34. Microsoft

35. Florian Mueller – former anti-patent activist, now patent commentator

36. Ray Niro - Senior partner, Niro Haller & Niro

37. Non-practising entities in Europe

38. Nortel

39. OceanTomo

40. Open source/Linux

41. Patent Failure, by James Bessen and Michael Meurer

42. Ruud Peters - CEO of Intellectual Property & Standards, Philips

43. Marshall Phelps - Former corporate vice president of IP and deputy general counsel at Microsoft and head of IP at IBM

44. Rambus

45. Andrew Ramer, CEO of Marqera and former head of transactions at OceanTomo

46. Reputation

47. Kevin Rivette - Co-author of Rembrandts in the Attic, currently a managing partner at 3LP

48. RPX Corporation

49. The US courts

50. Tian Lipu, Commissioner, State Intellectual Property Office, China