Joff Wild

The inaugural IPBC China gets underway at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing next Sunday evening, 2nd December, with the opening drinks reception. That will be followed on Monday and Tuesday by two full days of plenary and breakout sessions, featuring over 50 world class speakers; while on Monday evening we hold a gala dinner, during which we will be honouring China’s IP Champions – domestic Chinese companies which exclusive IAM research has found have IP strategies that stand comparison to those employed by acknowledged global leaders in the field (the names will be revealed later this week). All in all it is going to be a busy few days.

Organising an event in China from scratch in well under a year has taken a great deal of work. We owe a lot to the commitment shown to the IPBC brand by our sponsors, to the willingness of our international and local speakers to come to Beijing at a time of year when the weather is not the best (to say the least) and to the efforts of the team in our Hong Kong office, which opened in March this year. Gratifyingly, the event has attracted a lot of interest. Over 420 people have now signed up to attend IPBC China, around 55% of whom are based in China itself, with a high proportion of them occupying senior positions inside corporate IP groups. So far, we have delegates from a total of 28 countries; outside of mainland China those with the highest representations are the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada.

The IPBC China is a unique IP event in the country as its focus is not legal, but on providing Chinese companies with cutting edge information on how IP can and should be used as an asset to create long-term value and financial returns. Given the theme and the seniority of those attending, the sessions and the networking opportunities should prove to be very rewarding. There are a (very) limited number of places still available, so if you are able to come along, please click here to register. Otherwise, there will be reports from the event via our Twitter feed, on this blog and in upcoming issues of IAM magazine.