Joff Wild

The blizzards that have battered Washington DC over recent days have meant that the US Patent and Trademark Office has been closed since Monday and will be again today.  On one of my infrequent forays into the world of Tweeting I saw that Erin-Michael Gill is pointing out that should the office be forced to shut again tomorrow, that will mean the loss of 2% of annual examination hours. When you are trying to eat into a backlog of applications that is forecast to stand at over 700,000 by the end of this financial year, losing even four days is a big problem - after all, that's four days of stuff coming in and adding to the pile, while absolutely nothing is going out. It all means that, thanks to the bad weather, David Kappos and his team have an unwelcome extra challenge to overcome in addition to all the headaches they were already faced with. 

ADD ON: The most recent entry in Kappos's Directors Forum blog on the USPTO website focuses on what has become known as Snowmaggedon. It does seem that at least some work went, thanks to remote computer access and teleconfencering.