Joff Wild

File this under “One to Keep an Eye On”: Parsa Wireless has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Marquis Technologies, the firm led by former Rockstar CEO John Veschi, which he and other senior managers at the NPE formed following the sale to an RPX-led consortium of the former Nortel patents it managed.

A press release announcing the hook-up explains: “Parsa Wireless customers will have access to an expanded technical footprint that includes Parsa's traditional strengths in the areas of Wireless Communications, Computers, Semiconductors, Media and Consumer Electronics, but now also includes the deep knowledge of the Nortel/Rockstar engineering team and its expertise in Software, Data Networks, Operator Networks and all things Telecom.” In addition, it continues: “The alliance is now offering IP strategic advisory services and patent portfolio management services.”

Marquis was established in February, but since then has kept a relatively low profile. Today’s news changes that. Parsa has built a strong reputation for the quality and depth of the technical support services it offers to a client list that includes companies based across the world. The addition of Veschi and his team, including former Nortel and then Rockstar CTO Gillian McColgan, not only strengthens that offering, but also adds a number of new dimensions.

Of particular interest to many Parsa clients, and others, will be the encyclopedic knowledge of the patent positions of many big tech players that McColgan and her team possess. At Nortel and then at Rockstar they analysed all of them to the nth degree looking for potential licensing opportunities, and along with Veschi and others would have sat across the table from them in negotiations. That expertise and experience can be put to very good use in both defensive and offensive plays. On top of that, there are the senior contacts that Veschi has developed over many years in the corporate IP world, the strategic insights garnered during his time running in-house IP functions and an NPE, as well as his links into the finance and investment worlds.

Much will depend on how the two sides actually work together on a day-to-day basis, as well as the ability of Kourosh Parsa and Veschi to convert what is bound to be a high degree of interest in the venture into fee-paying assignments, but on the face of it this news has the potential to amount to something. "This is a win-win ... We have the opportunity to connect our strong technical team with the world-class folks at Parsa Wireless, while simultaneously finding ways to help Parsa's key customers navigate the challenging IP landscape,” says Veschi in the press release.  “We are excited to be part of this team."

I saw him and Parsa earlier today walking through the lobby of the Palace Hotel in Tokyo, where both are attending IPBC Asia. The two of them seemed to have springs in their steps.