Joff Wild

One of the most read stories on this blog during 2010 concerned an anti-trust suit launched by a company called SITI-Sites against defensive patent aggregator Allied Security Trust (AST), its member companies Verizon, Cisco Systems and Ericsson Inc-Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, current CEO Dan McCurdy, and the man he succeeded Brian Hinman. SITI claimed that AST, the companies and the named individuals were engaged in behaviour that prevented small NPEs operating in the telecoms sector from exploiting their patents effectively. It sought an injunction and damages of up to $500 million. 

Well, it looks like the action is now very close to failing. On 29th December, Judge Denise Cote rejected all SITI's arguments, dismissed the complaint and ordered the case closed, having found that SITI did not have the legal standing to bring the action. SITI had previously amended its claims to allege "collusion to achieve devaluation of patents, concerted refusals to deal, and deceptive price-fixing". Having done that my undersanding is that it now has no further ability to submit amended claims, which means that unless SITI appeals, the case is over.