Joff Wild

Peter Holden, former head of IP investments at Coller Capital, has teamed up with IP Value to develop a fully integrated investment and strategic IP monetisation vehicle. Holden has assumed the role of senior vice-president of investments and acquisitions at IP Value, where he worked prior to joining Coller, and will manage a fund that has the flexibility to work on the full range of IP investment opportunities, from niche to big ticket, while being able to handle transactions in-house.

Holden established the IP investment group at Coller Capital, the global private equity firm, in 2006. During his time there oversaw the acquisition and monetisation of thousands of patents from corporations and research centres in the US, Europe, Korea and China. In doing so, he developed a number of new investment models and structures for leveraging IP as a financial asset class, something that he will no doubt continue to do with IP Value.

For its part, IP Value has built a pretty strong high-ticket client base since it was established with backing from Goldman Sachs and General Atlantic in 2001. Current partners include NPE Round Rock Research, BT (currently taking action against Google over alleged infringement of patents by Android) and PARC.

My understanding is that Holden and his team already have a substantial pipeline of deals and that we can expect some major announcements over the coming weeks. This is something to keep an eye on.