The last one to the party: why AI has left legal departments behind

By Jay Yonamine and Jeremiah Chan

Artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on the tech world, across a range of disciplines. While in-house IP departments have been slow on the uptake, the potential of this new technology is astounding

In March 2016 a computer program called AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedong, the world champion of Go, in a five-game match. For decades, many experts argued that computers would never be able to master anything as complex as Go – an ancient board game exponentially more complicated than chess in which two players try to capture territory on a board – because doing so was believed to require too much non-programmable human intuition. However, AlphaGo exceeded all expectations and defeated the most advanced human Go players by relying primarily on a field of machine learning called deep learning, which draws inspiration from the natural functions of the human brain. Beyond the game of Go, deep learning and other advanced analytical frameworks have dramatically improved performance in a number of industries, including search engines, self-driving cars, shopping recommendations, fraud detection, online advertisements and medical diagnostics.

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