IAM Magazine issue 81

January/February 2017

Inside the 2016 brokered patent market

Although conditions are tough, the brokered patent market remains viable and robust; and while prices may have bottomed out, new buying opportunities are emerging
Kent Richardson, Erik Oliver and Michael Costa


Director’s orders

Under threat from investors and generic rivals, pharma and biotech have become staunch opponents of the inter partes review regime. However, as they push for reform, they face a stiff challenge from the US Patent and Trademark Office and Congress
Richard Lloyd

Defending a patent case in the brave new world of Chinese patent litigation Premium content

A huge market and a pro-patent owner system are fuelling an increase in patent litigation in China. Whether up against a local firm or a global non-practising entity, accused infringers need to be prepared for any scenario
Erick Robinson

More clarity emerges around software patent eligibility in the United States

US software patent eligibility may not be the nightmare that some claim, with recent Federal Circuit decisions fleshing out the Supreme Court’s pivotal ruling in Alice
Matt Levy

Unlocking revenue opportunities in software patent portfolios after Enfish

Following the recent Federal Circuit decision in Enfish, owners of idle software patent portfolios can efficiently identify patents which might produce revenue opportunities
Aaron R Fahrenkrog and Anthony F Schlehuber

Southeast Asia – the innovation outsider

Southeast Asia presents a wealth of technology investment and commercialisation opportunities. However, the fact that its IP infrastructure is still developing means that novel approaches are needed
Jack Ellis

Japan debates the way ahead for patents

Japanese companies are increasingly changing their approach to patents. But will the patent system change with them?
Jacob Schindler

In the thick of it

Laura Quatela has held a succession of market-defining positions in the IP field. As she embarks on perhaps her most exciting role yet, she outlines how she got where she is today and where she is going next
Sara-Jayne Clover

Comparative patent quality in the United States and Europe

Both the US Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office are strongly committed to issuing high-quality patent assets, and have strengths as well as weaknesses that need addressing
Colleen Chien

Using trade secret management to maximise competitive advantage

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s approach to trade secrets goes far beyond IP protection to create value through enhanced competitiveness.
Fortune Shieh


Making patents great again

Donald Trump said nothing about patents during his election campaign. At a conference in Washington DC this November, the task of working out what his administration might herald began in earnest

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …


Intangible investor: A strong case for a new approach to patent investing

A provocative new book claims that the high cost of generating a return on patents is forcing small businesses to re-think how their IP rights are best owned and financed
Bruce Berman

IP strategist: Strategic IP positioning for start-ups

IP strategists can design approaches to support a start-up’s goals that reduce risk and boost enterprise value, no matter what stage of development the business is at
Robin Walton

IP lawyer: Amped-up protection on the cards for recombinant DNA products

Australian patent authorities continue to wrestle with the treatment of gene-related inventions. A new ruling may extend the life of patents covering medicines made with recombinant DNA technology
Greg Chambers

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past Premium content

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources

Co-published editorialRoundtable

Europe’s patent landscape post-Brexit

The decision by UK voters to leave the European Union has thrown plans for the Unified Patent Court into chaos. Specialists from three top European law firms discuss what is likely to happen now, as well as other key issues

Co-published editorialIndustry insight

What makes a good IP renewals provider?

The payment of patent annuities is an important part of ensuring that a valuable IP portfolio is primed for monetisation


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