New priorities and strategies for sovereign patent funds

By Jack Ellis

Sovereign patent funds have become key players in the global IP market. However, a shifting economic, legal and political landscape raises questions for the future of this state-backed aggregation model

Back in early 2015, when this magazine first took an in-depth look at sovereign patent funds (SPFs) (“It’s time to talk about patent funds”, IAM, issue 70, pp 37-43), these state-funded aggregation entities were just beginning to make their presence felt. At that point, three had been launched: first on the scene was South Korea’s Intellectual Discovery in 2010, followed by France’s France Brevets in 2011 and Japan’s IP Bridge in 2013.

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Well-written, in-depth coverage that is not found on this side of the ‘pond’. Thank you for that.

Frederic M Wilf
Technology, intellectual property and business lawyer
Wilftek LLC


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Issue 91