Three days in Tokyo

By Joff Wild, Jack Ellis, Richard Lloyd and Jacob Schindler

In November 2015 Tokyo’s Palace Hotel played host to the third annual IPBC Asia. In attendance were over 500 senior delegates from Asia-Pacific and beyond. What became clear over the three days of the event was that while other parts of the world may currently be in the IP doldrums, in Asia the mood is upbeat as intellectual property takes centre stage and strategies for managing assets grow ever more sophisticated

Representatives from IAM Asia IP Elite companies with the awards they received at the event’s gala dinner (from left to right): Ganapathy Nathan, Wipro; Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Reliance Industries; Hideo Goto, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare; Christine Emmanuel, CSIRO; Chao-Hsiung Wang, TSMC; Wei Fu Hsu, Mediatek; Yoshihiko Takebe, Tata Technologies; Kimikazu Matsumoto, NEC;...

Issue 87

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Issue 87